Sarah Palin, As Seen Through The Eyes Of A High School Junior

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Not long ago, I attended a social gathering with different families and mixed ages of people. One of the adults made a joke about Sarah Palin. Immediately, a High School junior responded by saying with cynicism, “Let’s not go by anything Sarah Palin says.” She then proceeded to remind us that Sarah Palin knew nothing about the treasured ride of Paul Revere. Palin, responding to some cameras and reporters while visiting Boston’s Freedom Trail, had given a response which flooded our media, describing how Revere had warned  British soldiers that the colonies would defend themselves from any planned attack, kind of a reverse description of the late night ride as we conventionally understand it. Even though some are offering Palin vindication by claiming that Paul Revere did indeed warn his British adversaries of what they were up against, the fact that he did this as a captive of  British soldiers forces us to concede that Sarah’s statement, at the very least, was a confusing one.

Still, how often do the rest of us Monday morning quarterbacks make gaffes when we speak?  And how many such vocal blunders would be preserved for posterity if cameras were following our every move?

It’s very sad when a person not even old enough to yet understand a good deal of life, talks with disdain about a woman who successfully governed the state of Alaska with an 80 percent approval rating and so much more experience than the man we elected president that it’s embarrassing to even compare them.

Believe it or not,  I have no quarrel at all with the High School junior. I know her family well. She’s a bright kid and a good student. She’s also compassionate and undoubtedly unaware of how unfair she was being to Governor Palin. Since most high school students do not spend a whole lot of their free time following current events, I am guessing she heard most of this claptrap at school. Whatever the case may be in her situation, the fact remains that many of our public high schools have now joined colleges in offering agenda based comments in the classroom. In and of itself, that would not be a problem. It can be argued that most people have an agenda.  It is only when an agenda is offered as fact, without presenting the other side, that parents should be concerned. Would these same teachers who boisterously bark about the “stupidity of Sarah Palin” say any thing about President Obama’s description of our “57 states?” How about Joe Biden reminding us how President Roosevelt went on television to talk to the country right after the stock market crashed? Remember?  The Vice-Presidential candidate took his brilliant trip down memory lane during an interview with Katie Couric.  How much did the mainstream media stress good ol’ Joe as opposed to Couric’s far more famous interview where she supposedly nailed Palin for giving only one example of John Mc Cain asking for Wall Street oversight, rather than two? Wow! One example instead of two? Gee, that Palin sure is dumb! All Biden did was confuse radio with television. Well, OK, he also confused Hoover for Roosevelt.  But he’s in good company with former Vice-Presidential candidate Al Gore who said, “a zebra does not change its spots.” Oh that’s right.  Most people missed that one because the media was jumping on Dan Quayle misspelling the word potato.

Look, we all make typos and speak their verbal equivalent . We also spew forth incorrect facts even when we know the truth. I am often amazed what comes out of my own mouth. No thinking person truly believes President Obama was ignorant of the correct number of states in our union. 60, right? OK, 50. Look, he made a slip of the tongue. My problem with Obama and Biden is not with their intelligence, but rather their incredibly dangerous policies.

Still, when gaffes are pointed out in a discriminatory fashion, the problem becomes far more serious. This bright female student might have found a helpful, inspirational role model in a conservative woman who achieved fantastic advancement without sacrificing her family life. That drives the left nuts. For them, Republican women must be doing nothing more than fetching slippers for hubby and rustling up grub in the kitchen. Such an image fits their stereotype. Palin’s  image does not. That’s why they have tried so hard to destroy her . Their mission has not been successful, but casualties have been taken:  innocent, misled high school students who think they are smarter than a woman who had enough on the ball to almost become our first female vice-president.

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  1. Occasionally I amuse my self with such effete but ill-informed liberals by pointing out how dumb PALIN was to talk about having visited the 57 states.

    Or how at a national ceremony how PALIN repeatedly referred to an honored Navy medic as a “Navy corpse-man.”

    Naturally they guffaw and make more snide comments about how dumb Palin is (this works for discussing ANY Republican with a liberal, I might add). Nine times out of ten, their hatred for Republican leaders is topped only by their own abysmal ignorance.

    Naturally after running through various such examples I correct myself, and then the fun begins.

    Try it. It is ENORMOUSLY entertaining. And it’s free. And legal.

    Speaking of enormously entertaining, try this long (9+ minute) video inter-spacing Obama gaffes with his adoring Hollywood supporters bashing Palin for being so dumb.

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