Sanders Backs Down On Sales Tax Hike

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UPDATE, July 13: Voice of San Diego posted an article Tuesday morning about Sanders’ retreat on the sales tax hike.
The article stresses Sanders’ reticence about speaking out on the issue, while “tax antagonists” vocally “railed” and “fulminated” against the hike. Meanwhile, the putative supporters of higher taxes, such as Councilman Todd Gloria and firefighter union president Frank De Clercq said they wanted the mayor to take the lead.

After flirting with supporting a half-cent increase in the city of San Diego’s sales tax rate, Mayor Jerry Sanders has dropped the idea, according to the San Diego Union-Tribune and other news sources.

The proposed increase has stirred considerable opposition, including here at SD Rostra.


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  1. Well done!

    Now we need to eliminate the parcel tax that SD Unified is proposing and voting on Tuesday, July 13th. In the newly inked labor agreements, any new money goes to reimburse labor for the five furlough days.

    So in other words, they want to add a 10th tax to your property to rescind pay cuts. No lay offs in years and a raise in the next couple of years; these people are experts at mismanaging money!

  2. It’s great to see such an ill-conceived idea be eliminated so swiftly. Nice work.

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