San Diego Rostra and Gayle Falkenthal collect 4 Awards at Last Night’s annual “San Diego Press Club” dinner

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The prestigious San Diego Press Club held its annual awards dinner last night in Mission Valley, and for a 2nd straight year, San Diego Rostra and Gayle Falkenthal received multiple honors.  Gayle took home a 1st Place  for Daily Newspapers & Websites, Headline Writing, and SD Rostra a 2nd Place for Website News and Opinion.  (The 1st-place site discusses Real Estate, so it’s fair to say SD Rostra is top-rated again among the Politically themed websites).   This award honors our whole Blog Pen, with the most-active authors specified by name:  Barry Jantz, Gayle Falkenthal, Jim Sills, Richard Rider and Bradley Fikes.

Gayle Falkenthal’s  SD Rostra column, “Art, Schmart” took a 2nd place in Newspapers &  Websites: Essay/ Commentary/Opinion, and another Falkenthal Rostra commentary won a 3rd Place for the Humor Writing category.

Among the creative 1st-Place Headlines which Gayle wrote for SD Rostra are these memorable examples:

*  “Fool Us Once, Shame on You / Fool Us Twice and It’s Called Governing

*   “When Life Hands You Harry Baals, Make Lemonade”

*  “Heidi Klum’s Take on The San Diego Mayor’s Race”

Gayle Falkenthal also shared another 1st Place for the series “Training to Build” which was published in the San Diego Transcript  (Special Interest category).

The entire list of Press Club honorees can be found at the SD Press Club’s website:

Congratulations to all.


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  1. Congrats to YOU, Erica, and to every single contributor to Rostra. The second place finish in the Websites News and Opinion category is the sum of a year’s worth of efforts by a whole lot of people and certainly not just those named (it was a function of the way the contest entries are filled out). This little poliwonk website that could breaks significant news, is cited as a source and resource by key players in politics and mainstream media, and renders some truly thoughtful insight and opinion.

    Best of all we take the work seriously but never ourselves, evidenced by the wins for headlines (all of which were humorous) and in the humor category for the second year.

    Bear in mind Rostra competes head to head with some of the largest news media with the biggest budgets in San Diego, but the quality of the work prevails.

    So everyone toast yourselves today and enjoy the accolades!

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