San Diego Republicans Already Preparing for 2012

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It looks like Tony Krvaric and local Republican Party are not taking any down time in what is normally an off election year. Local Republicans are preparing for 2012 after major victories for Lorie Zapf and in opposition to the City of San Diego’s sales tax measure, as well as a host of other local measures and candidates throughout the county.

Cutting costs in between elections is critical for any campaign organization. Chairman Krvaric is taking this to heart in order to prepare for what will be the inevitable battles ahead.

The following Party communication was sent to major stakeholders today from Chairman Krvaric, and is posted with permission:

As we embark on the next two year election cycle — on the heels of tremendous successes locally this past November — I wanted to update you on changes we’ve implemented at your Republican Party in order to be as well positioned as possible to build on our victories in the next two year election cycle.

New headquarters
After our landlord’s complete failure to respond to our escalating concerns about building security (following a well-publicized burglary back in August) as well as substandard and deteriorating facilities, we were left with no choice but to relocate. The health and safety of staff and volunteers was increasingly at risk.

Our new headquarters is located at the beautiful Rancho Bernardo Courtyard in Rancho Bernardo, which not only provides functional working conditions for our staff and volunteers, but also gorgeous facilities for volunteer/candidate training and receptions, as well as night time security patrols — at a significant savings.

Cutting our fixed costs
Cutting expenses heading into an “off year” is critical and this year is no different. Moving headquarters gave us opportunities for savings beyond just rent, resulting in a drastic reduction of our fixed costs by 41% for an annual savings of $164,000. I can proudly say that we are now as lean as we’ve ever been.

This is important not only for the obvious reasons, but in that it enables us to bank more dollars for our 2012 Victory Campaign. As you know, 2012 will be “Battle Royale” with the future of the City of San Diego at stake, as well as dozens of other opportunities resulting from redistricting. We are preparing as we speak!

As always, thank you for your trust and confidence.


Tony Krvaric
CHAIRMAN (volunteer)
Republican Party of San Diego County


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  1. Note that Tony doesn’t disclose that the new HQ is his own office.

    I’m curious what y’all think: In the event that the local party were to vote out Krvaric, how would that work when it is now tied so directly to his personal business?

  2. Surprise ! “Head Coach” Tony Krvaric leads the Republican
    team to victory after victory in the November 2010 elections…
    and now the City Beat Guy (who once dismissed Krvaric as
    an inconsequential PR/ticket sales flack) dreams of Coach
    Krvaric being fired.

    Keep dreaming, Arizona…. lol

  3. Sills –

    For the record, I have awarded Tony plenty of blossoms for being a successful party chairman. We’ve gone over the background of the analogy already.

    By the way, I noticed that rather than address a factual error in a recent post, you just deleted my comment pointing it out. Check your ethics, pal.


  4. It really wouldn’t be. Both entities have their own rooms and completely separate sets of furniture, supplies, etc. They might be going halvsies on the soda pop–but they could probably just split whatever is in the fridge 50/50 in the event of a successful coup d’état.

    BTW, your demon sheep Halloween costume was absolutely sublime.

  5. To EM – Don’t be so naive.
    Tony had a desk at a private consultant, Coronado Communications half the time. You want to explain that conflict of interest to me? Your tongue in cheek analogies really aren’t that funny. Politics is a serious business.

  6. Oh my, Gorgon! Did we wake up on the wrong side of the bed? Contrary to your suggestion, the innuendo of scandal by local bloggers–who base their vague claims on how things appear from afar rather than actual familiarity with the situation in question–is the exact opposite of anything I would treat as *serious*.

  7. How is Tony having a desk at Coronado Communications any kind of conflict of interest whatsoever? Not sure I follow your logic…

  8. Observer confirms that he knows absolutely nothing about conflicts of interest. Stupid is as stupid does.

  9. Alright, that’s enough with the name calling. You can’t make an intellectual argument without resorting to personal attacks? Perhaps it is you that is not so smart. Just a thought.

  10. Come closer to your screen everyone. I don’t want this secret to get out. I have photographic evidence that Tony Krvaric shared a sandwich with a volunteer once. I’ve heard it was bologna…I’ve heard it was peanut butter. What matters is that now that volunteer has something over Tony. He owes him! And now the 2012 elections are going to hell in a hand basket! Dogs and cats…living together! Fire and ice! Up is down, people! I will pray for all of you while resting comfortably in my bunker. Which reminds me…does SDRostra have a HAM radio handle in case I need to post in the future?

  11. EM –

    Hey thanks! My girlfriend made it from scratch. We ran around looking for the right fur, but in the end had to go for something slightly less authentic (after Halloween we discovered it was probably real sheep fur from Ikea).

    On the subject of whether it would be a mess. Having, on multiple occasions, had to help friends move out quite quickly from homes they shared with significant others after abrupt and often ugly break-ups, I find it hard to imagine that if there was some sort coup at the county GOP that it would be as simple as that.

    I mean, that kind of changeover would be difficult even if they weren’t located in the same office.

    In any event, I’ve always thought it a bad idea for a leader of an organization, whether it be a party or a nonprofit, to mix their personal business affairs with that of the organization.

    All that aside, if you’re a party member (and there are few hundred thousand, right?) you should be interested in transparency and the fact that the news of the move blindsided so many doesn’t reflect well on Krvaric.

    This is of course just friendly talk. I have a lot of respect for Krvaric, but that doesn’t mean I give him a pass.

  12. Spin Zone – Here are some ‘conflicts’ for you:

    Being Chairman of a Party that gets major resources in contributions and then steers them to his favorite consultants in lieu of other consultants and candidates spells conflict.

    Pushing through endorsements for candidates who employ his ‘favored’ consultants and not giving due process to all Republican candidates for the endorsement in a race spells conflict.

    Those who defend this cronyism are benefiting from the corruption.

  13. Aluminum Hat Maker:

    Thank you for exposing the shocking bologna sandwich episode. This is a a story which needed to be told.

    Regarding SD Rostra and Ham Radio:
    SD Rostra works the ’20 Meter Band’ at 14 megacycles. We are running a California Kilowatt, with a roof-mounted 6-element cubicle quad Antenna which causes garage doors to open and close repeatedly between 163 and I-15. The FCC knows we are out there, but their mobile trucks can’t find us since all of our operators wear those handy ‘Aluminum Hats’ . If you go to 20 meters and say, “CQ, CQ, CQ, are their any Shiny Hats in W6 land?” you will get a reply. Hope this helps.

  14. Concrete examples please “Observer”.

    From what I’ve seen over the years, the strongest candidates in target seats get endorsements. Sometimes they are one consulting firm, sometimes another.

  15. Observer – I’d like some real examples. Resources are limited and need to be maximized to go into campaigns with a chance of victory. I know the occasional long shot candidate doesn’t understand that, but it’s reality.

    The candidates and their organization is what makes the biggest difference, not the county R party.

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