San Diego Port Tenants Association Endorses DeMaio for Mayor

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Seeking less red tape and new jobs in the Port of San Diego, the San Diego Port Tenants Association endorsed Mayoral candidate Carl DeMaio today.

“Carl DeMaio has a proven track record of results. While he has an ambitious vision for our Port and San Diego’s economy as a whole, he is the only candidate who can actually get these visions done,” said Sharon Bernie-Cloward, President of the San Diego Port Tenants Association. “When Carl DeMaio said we need to reform city pensions, he got it done. When Carl DeMaio said we need to streamline the reimbursement process for Business Improvement Districts in the city, he got it done. We believe that Carl DeMaio is the only candidate who will get the job done of economic growth at our port.”

Surrounded by members of the Port Tenants Association, DeMaio thanked the association for their endorsement and support, stating, “I am honored to have their seal of approval. The Port of San Diego happens to be one of the largest economic engines in our region. We owe it to years of hard work from visionaries and port tenants like the ones here with me today.”

DeMaio laid out a vision for the port, adding, “The Port provides the best opportunity to expand middle class jobs. I am committed to increasing the number of jobs provided by our port, especially in the maritime industry.”

DeMaio’s Pathway to Prosperity for the Port includes:

  • Promoting additional home port cruises out of San Diego to generate more tourism and jobs
  • Establishing a dual permitting agreement between the Port and the City to streamline the process and provide quicker approval.
  • Completing the North Embarcadero Visionary Plan, providing the kind of “front porch” and entryway to our city that San Diego deserves, with parkland and open public spaces.
  • Following through on the promises made to the military during the last round of base closures.
  • Support the Convention Center expansion.

“Carl DeMaio has been a long-time friend of the Port and its mission,” said Chairman Jim Unger of the San Diego Port Tenants Association “We are a coalition of businesses and industries on San Diego Bay dedicated to enhancing trade, commerce, and tourism on San Diego Bay’s tidelands, while protecting the bay’s environment. It’s a clear choice for us, and we are proud to support Carl DeMaio for the next Mayor of San Diego.


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