San Diego Campaign Fundraising Overview – Period Ending 5/21

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With the filing deadline occurring last night, please click this link for a fundraising overview for all of the competitive races throughout the county (Supervisor D3, City of SD, and Chula Vista District 4).


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  1. Counting dollars on finance reports is a lazy and simplistic approach to understanding complex campaigns. Now that electronic reports are mandatory it is easier than ever to compare columns and make assumptions about how campaigns may go.

    But many voters will be making their choices on the ballots in direct response to how FEW dollars they are earning vs. how MANY are being directed to candidates, coming from those who pay workers the least and therefore have the most to contribute.

    That’s why Faulconer’s veto of the minimum wage increase- and the fact that his current campaign staff are the same crew who ran the deceptive signature gathering effort that overturned the ordinance- may still come back to haunt him.

    Add the Charger fans growing realization that what they call the “Hotelier Cabal” is keeping him in check on a downtown stadium alternative.

    So…. still waiting for those Competitive Edge poll numbers to be released, to help everyone understand what’s going on with voters- not just those few who actually contribute.

    This election may turn out to be a lot like water polo: above the surface is one story. But below, out of sight, a whole different contest is taking place.

  2. “That’s why Faulconer’s veto of the minimum wage increase … may still come back to haunt him.”

    Lori, let’s get something straight. Triangles will always have three sides no matter what legislation gets passed by city government. Why? Because economics is not politics.

    Economics, like chemistry, has nothing to do with politics. Economics is a science concerned with the immutable and constant laws of nature that determine the production and distribution of wealth. Politicians can do nothing to impact the laws of economics. The intrusion of politics into the field of economics is simply evidence of human ignorance or arrogance.

    Since the beginning of political institutions, there have been attempts to fix wages, control prices and create capital, all resulting in failure.

    Wages and capital accumulations have laws of their own, laws which operate beyond the jurisdiction of the policeman and city councilman. Minimum wage laws don’t suspend these natural laws.

    Appreciate your sincerity to help the poor and impoverished but our best plans are doomed to failure no matter how well they are carried out if we ignore rule of law and property rights. I think your focus should be on minority rights with your greatest focus on our greatest and smallest minority, the individual.

    You could be great champion for this special minority if you would uphold their right to property and become an advocate for removing regulation that inhibits them from free exchange and prosperity.

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