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Why we support Nathan Fletcher:

We are pleased to announce our endorsement of Nathan Fletcher’s candidacy for Mayor of San Diego.  As chief executives and leaders of companies, we know what it takes to run a large organization.  The attributes that make the best executives are vision, courage and leadership.  In business, these attributes separate the good from the great.  Nathan has what it takes to do this job and be a great Mayor.

To move our City forward, our next mayor needs to be a visionary leader who isn’t tied to the gridlock and problems of the past.  And our next mayor must have the courage to confront tough problems head-on, bring people together and make difficult decisions.

We believe Nathan Fletcher is the best person to confront these issues.   As a Marine, he demonstrated his courage and leadership in difficult situations, making life-and-death decisions during times of extreme adversity.   As an Assemblyman, Nathan had the ability to take on legislation many thought were impossible, like passing Chelsea’s Law.  Nathan Fletcher’s experience and track record are just what we look for in an executive.

As business leaders, we share Nathan’s can-do and optimistic attitude. Nathan knows and understands what is needed for job growth and economic expansion in today’s competitive and innovative world.  Just as we anticipate the continued success of our companies, we expect the same for our city, and we know Nathan can help us get there.

With Nathan Fletcher as our next mayor, we are confident San Diego will have a leader with a demonstrated ability to get things done and move our City towards a brighter future.


Scott Dickey, President, Competitor Group Inc.*

Carl Hull, CEO, Gen-Probe*

David Hale, Founder, chairman and CEO of Hale BioPharma Ventures*

Andrew Clark, Chief Executive Officer, Bridgepoint Education*

Greg Lucier, Chairman and CEO, Life Technologies*

Ted Roth, President, Roth Capital Partners*

Jenny Craig, Founder, Jenny Craig, Inc.*

Jay Flatley, President, Illumina Inc.*

Dan Shea, Restaurateur

Linden Blue, President, General Atomics*

Darin Anderson, Chief Operating Officer, ESET North America*

Tina S. Nova, Ph.D., President, Genoptix, Inc.*

Mark E. Filanc, CEO, J.R. Filanc Construction Company, Inc.*

Keith Jones, Managing Principal, Ace Parking Management, Inc.*

Daniel M. Bradbury, President and Chief Executive Officer, Amylin Pharmaceuticals Inc.*

Alex Lukianov, Chairman and CEO, NuVasive, Inc.*

Tom Brown, President, Sierra Pacific West Inc.*

Jon Sundt, President and CEO, Altegris Investments*

* The use of a company name does not imply an endorsement by that company. All endorsements were made solely by the individuals listed.  Their support and use of their official titles in no way implies endorsement by the respective companies they represent.


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  1. How about they support Nathan because Mindy had IOU’s from all of them from her “Arnold” & George Bush” days.

  2. In contrast to the endorsements being given to the other candidates (predominantly political types), these men and women actually create profit and private sector jobs – very impressive!

  3. So Fletcher has 18….

    DeMaio has 1400…

    And before you say “those are only community people” read the entire list and you’ll see about 50-100 people who match the 18 people listed on fletcher in terms of size of company, jobs created, influence, etc.

    18 vs 1400.

  4. Go Carl,

    Nathan Fletcher posts that 18 of San Diego’s top business leaders have signed a letter endorsing him for Mayor and your claim is that he therefore has only 18 total endorsers?

    Carl, this is usually a place where intelligent comments are shared; please don’t bring the blog down.

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