San Diego and Imperial Counties Labor Council Offers an Enemies List and a Parade

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Brothers and Sisters (yes, this is how Secretary-Treasurer Lorena Gonzalez actually addresses union members in her message):

Did you know the San Diego and Imperial Counties Labor Council actually has an enemies list? The businesses with which they have grievances are described as “unfair employers and adversaries of the labor movement” on their Do Not Patronize page.  ‘Adversaries’ is such a fancy word for ‘enemies’, one can only hope someone got paid a nice union wage to come up with it. Even if you don’t take the Labor Council’s advice as to which hotels, restaurants, retailers, TV station and cruise line to boycott, you can at least enjoy pictures from their May 2010 Meg Whitman protest parade.  It featured a horse drawn carriage, mustachioed and goateed men wearing blond wigs and everyone wearing bright red T-shirts two sizes too big for them.  Talk about passing a Paycheck Protection law, which would bar union dues from being spent for political purposes without employees’ consent, just seems silly when you see the useful things on which union dues are spent.


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