Labor Council jumps in against Fletcher

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The Labor Council joins the fray with a three-panel walk piece, in support of David Alvarez and criticizing Nathan Fletcher for what is inferred as a Qualcomm pay-to-play scheme: “After serving in the Marines, Fletcher served in the State Assembly. He then got a six figure salary ‘no-show job’ with Qualcomm after using his position in the Legislature to help …

Labor Council’s “Middle Class Taxpayer Association”

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If ever a group assembled under a more inaccurate name, I’d be interested to see it. The “Middle Class Taxpayers Association” isn’t a new voice for responsible stewardship of our tax dollars. It’s a front group shilling for the San Diego Labor Council. The Labor Council doesn’t even try to hide its involvement. It seems silly to use this name, but I suppose there are people or news media who might confuse it with a real taxpayers advocacy group.

Mayor’s Race

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As noted in the post below it looks like District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis is in. The emails swirling around town this morning also mentioned that she hired GOP consultant Kevin Spillane from Sacramento to run her race. In the past Dumanis used Democrat consultant Jennifer Tierney, who is also the consultant for the Firefighter’s Union. Does this mean that the …

San Diego and Imperial Counties Labor Council Offers an Enemies List and a Parade

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Brothers and Sisters (yes, this is how Secretary-Treasurer Lorena Gonzalez actually addresses union members in her message): Did you know the San Diego and Imperial Counties Labor Council actually has an enemies list? The businesses with which they have grievances are described as “unfair employers and adversaries of the labor movement” on their Do Not Patronize page.  ‘Adversaries’ is such …


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From the local Republican Party… SAN DIEGO — Just when you thought you had seen it all, Lorena Gonzalez’ Labor Council hits a new low with a disgusting, race baiting ad on Spanish language television designed to scare voters into voting No on Proposition G in Chula Vista. The ad claims that the Arizona law just passed will result in …

Labor Council Funds Democrat Warchest

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The GOP gives $20k to Lorie Zapf and that’s “controversial.” This is not, however… LABOR BOSSES POUR $100,000 INTO LOCAL DEMOCRATIC PARTY SAN DIEGO — While San Diegans were preparing for Memorial Day, San Diego-Imperial Counties Labor Council boss Lorena Gonzalez was busy cutting another $25,000 check to the local Democratic Party in support her hand-picked candidates. The check was …

Duffy Scores Perfect with Labor Council

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Sheriff candidate Jim Duffy may have already staked his claim as the union candidate, scoring both the Deputy Sheriff’s Association and state PORAC endorsements. But, even those organizations over the years have backed candidates, including Republicans, with less than perfect labor credentials. It was very likely that the Labor Council would follow suit with an endorsement of Duffy, no doubt, …

Labor Council Endorsements

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Source: Labor Council endorses Howard Wayne in City Council race and Jim Duffy for Sheriff. Rep. Susan Davis, Sen. Barbara Boxer and Assembly Candidate Toni Atkins also endorsed SAN DIEGO – (September 24, 2009) – The San Diego and Imperial Counties Labor Council announced today its endorsements of San Diego City Council District 6 candidate Howard Wayne and Sheriff …