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  1. Yes, Dave, it’s the “group” that wants to have the illegal guns while hoping the law abiding doesn’t own any legal ones. Ironic.

  2. The labor unions’ support for Dumanis and Brewer is a red flag. Unions doubtless paid for this Dumanis mailer.

    Hence I’ve endorse long shot candidate Terri Wyatt for DA. BTW, she got an “A” on the NRA questionnaire. The other two candidates chose not to return the questionnaire.

  3. Thanks for the reminder mailer, Bonnie. With Bill Gore vouching for you, it is proof that you are undoubtedly corrupt. Once clean government prevails and you are voted out of office, Bonnie, you can rest assured next up on the chopping block is your pal who claims MURDER is “Suicide.” Let’s show Gore the door! NOT DUMANIS!

  4. A reminder of the rules:

    “Anonymity through the use of pseudo-names or handles is allowed, but commenters should use the same name for every comment entry, so as to not falsely appear to be more than one person commenting on the same or several matters. Select a name and stick with it.”

    As the last commenter had used three different names for three different comments over a few months, it was changed to “anonymous.”

    As far as the name calling, the nature of the comment pretty much speaks for itself, so we’ll call it ok to leave up.

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