Good On Kirk Jorgensen responding to distasteful mailer

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I received this email, from Kirk Jorgensen, about an hour ago:

Yesterday, my family received a political mailer (not connected with my campaign) that compared me and my opponent on national security issues. The mailer displayed a photo of me in my Marine Corps uniform from Al-Hillah, Iraq during Operation IRAQI FREEDOM and a photo of my opponent, Carl DeMaio dressed in a costume.

While I agree with the importance of debating the differences between us on Foreign Policy, National Defense, Fiscal Reform, and our Constitution—I do not condone the use of distasteful language or inappropriate photographs to illustrate these differences.

Our campaign has maintained a cordial relationship with the other campaigns in this race to represent the people of California’s 52nd congressional district. There are plenty of legitimate issues that Carl DeMaio and I disagree on, but I strongly believe our political process must stop using divisive tactics and “win at all cost” measures that are simply dividing our country.

I wanted to take a moment to applaud the candidate and “catch a politician doing something right.”  I emboldened the paragraph which means a lot to me.  Well done, Mr. Jorgensen and the best of luck in two weeks.


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  1. Thank you, Brian Brady. This will be the kind of honor and personal character Kirk will bring into Congress. That’s a far cry from DeMaio’s plagiarism and refusing to stop texting at officer Christopher Wilson’s funeral, then leaving early. This race really should e more about character and ethics than pension reform or potholes.

    One of the first votes a freshman Member of Congress makes is the one for Speaker of the House. Carl owes too much already to Boehner, Cantor, and McCarthy to even imagine that he would vote any way but they way they tell him. I can’t tell you who Kirk would support for Speaker, but I can tell you that Kirk is the only candidate I trust to make that vote based on principle and what’s best for our country, and not for political payback.

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