Ron Nehring’s Signature Moment… Mood of GOP state convention was Quiet, Confident and Purposeful

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While attending many Republican state conventions, I learned they
all have their own flavor, mood and rhythym.

The one just concluded at San Diego’s Manchester Grand Hyatt did
as well…. The Mood was… Quiet, Confident, Purposeful and well-organized.

In so doing, this convention reflects the personality of its State Chairman, Ron Nehring of San Diego, now in his 2nd term.

Nehring is not a back-slapper (like Haley Barbour), nor does he cause
nearby light bulbs to dim as he passes (like Darrell Issa).

Instead Nehring resembles the boxing trainer Paul Giamatti played in
‘Cinderella Man’,… the calm organizer who helps his charges to win victories….. and only at the end of the Movie do you finally realize just how good he is.

The movie, “California GOP 2010” still has 72 days to its release, but
suffice it to say the Party is Unified now like it has not been since
Ronald Reagan was President.

The Quiet Man, Ron Nehring, has everything to do with that. San Diego, August 2010, was his Moment as the California State Republican Chairman.

Paul Giamatti got an Oscar Nomination for Best Supporting Actor in 2005.
Ron Nehring deserves the equivalent Honor for his great
performance in 2010.


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