Roger Hedgecock e-mail Today says an Announcement coming tomorrow…But still on KOGO til Dec. 31… Also heard on XM 166

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In an e-mail to regular listeners, the Roger Hedgecock show  today says this about the program’s future:  “STAY TUNED TOMORROW For MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT On The Future of San Diego’s NUMBER ONE RATED Talk Show… The Roger Hedgecock Show is excited to share with you first an important announcement on the future for our show starting next year.  Of course, until December 31st, you can continue to be part of our show every day on KOGO AM 600.”  CONCLUSION of your correspondent:  Roger Hedgecock has not yet begun to fight.  The Hedgecock show is also heard  on Satellite XM Channel 166.   The Roger Hedgecock  radio website  is  here.     ******************   UPDATE:  *****  KOGO is indeed carrying Roger Hedgecock today,  live as of at 3:05 pm.


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