Rodriguez announces for Mayor of Oceanside

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From his Facebook page

I write to you with a heavy heart and deep convictions surrounding these uncertain times. COVID-19 has unleashed a level of economic uncertainty the City of Oceanside has never experienced. With record unemployment, hundreds of permanent business closures and evolving health orders that restricts the most basic of our constitutional freedoms in an effort to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Now more than ever, Oceanside deserves a leader that can both unite us and fight for us. A leader that can put partisan distractions aside and focus on bringing our community together. A leader that listens, learns and will boldly take action for the people they serve.

Oceanside, on this 4th of July 2020, I ask for your support to be your next Mayor.

On March 27th, 2020 after Oceanside’s declared state of emergency and as unemployment numbers began to skyrocket, I made the decision to forfeit my salary as a Councilmember to help struggling residents and businesses suffering from impacts caused by COVID-19.

As your future Mayor I will follow suit and refuse to take a salary until the below conditions are met.

1. Oceanside unemployment drops below 4%.
2. Every homeless Veteran in Oceanside is off the street, in housing and on a pathway to rebuilding their life.
3. The City of Oceanside is declared the safest and most business-friendly city in Southern California.

Oceanside, your elected leaders must be held accountable to the promises on a campaign. I ask for the opportunity to first earn your trust and then your vote this November.

The future of Oceanside is in your hands.


Christopher Rodriguez
Husband, Father, Marine Corps Veteran, Farmer, Small Business Owner and proud Oceanside resident since 2002


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  1. I was so set on Chavez, now I don’t know. 🙁 I hope vote splitting isn’t an issue for Republicans.

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