RIP, Justice Scalia

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A sad day for the nation.

1986 Nomination: Antonin Scalia, Ronald Reagan, William Rehnquist

Despite the rhetoric that will undoubtedly follow, it’s always good to see philosophical opponents provide praise. Scott Lay does so and provides an excellent summation of the future:

“It’s with a sad heart I report the natural-cause death of Supreme Court justice Antonin Scalia.

“Honestly, I rarely agreed with him, but as a student of the law, I never saw him as a political judicial figure. He was consistent in his jurisprudence and was of great service to this country.

“His death raises big issues for the end of the term, as 5 justices are needed for a decision. In a routinely 5-4 court, that creates a predicament. By June, the court is scheduled to rule on abortion, immigration, redistricting, and many other issues.

“Now, it’s likely to be a status quo SCOTUS term, as there is pretty no foreseeable way for a nominee to be confirmed before the new president is sworn in on January 20, 2017.”

Jon Fleischman notes, “The most immediate impact of Scalia’s passing — the anticipated 5-4 in Friedrichs vs CTA to overturn the appellate court now becomes a 4-4 deadlock sustaining the lower court decision.”

Sadly, given issues before the Court, some are already saying the timing of Scalia’s passing is strangely convenient.

Puh-leaze. Let his family have some peace.

Because, ya know, a Supreme Court justice has never died before, when decisions have been pending before the court.


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  1. When you have an evil narcissist like Obama as President, is there anything he won’t do to fundamentally transform America? Fast and Furious, Benghazi, just to name a couple of of the many shady things he’s done. He’s told us exactly what he wants to do. Take Obama at his word.

    Why do you think he’s not capable of killing the most brilliant and conservative justice? The timing of Scalia’s death was perfect for Obama. Obama’s time is running out as President. He’s capable of anything. It is naive to rule anything out.

    Since everything was rushed to rule Scalia’s death as a natural death and there was no autopsy, we’ll never know.

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