Rider on KUSI “San Diego People” Sunday

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I taped a “San Diego People” show Thursday for airing Sunday, 11 October, 10 AM on KUSI TV.  Fortunately the announcement for Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize didn’t break until the next AM – otherwise I would have been preempted for sure.  Even the Chargers took this weekend off to increase my viewer audience.
I thought the interview was for one-third of the show (the usual format).  But they kept going and going and going . . . .   KUSI host Paul Bloom and I always hit it off, and he gives me free rein.
I did a gonzo song and dance interview, with more than a dollop of my bizarre humor thrown in.  I strayed a bit off the PC path.  Certainly it demonstrates while I’ll never get elected to office.  So be it.
It was mostly about local political matters, with an emphasis on our city deficit and pensions.  I think you might enjoy much of it.  I know I did!
Unfortunately it appears that there is no Internet access.  It MIGHT be posted up later on their website, but that’s not their policy.  Roughly 50,000 and up viewership, they tell me.


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