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Good news! XETV TV-6 in San Diego has made me a regularly scheduled weekly commentator on their morning news show.  Apparently they were sufficiently pleased with my recent appearance (below) to add me to their stable of talking heads.

Given that they were satisfied with this rather mediocre performance, I should be good for a 10 year run at least! Or a two week run. Such is the uncertainty of the private sector, and particularly in the broadcast media.

At this point, we are planning on a weekly Thursday visit to the studio, probably airing live about 7:40 AM or so.  Not firmed up.  Nothing ever is in that business.

It does appear that by the end of the day they post such segments up on their website.  Most stations do not.

One great aspect is that it’s the closest media station to my home — maybe 5 miles, just off an uncrowded freeway. And the coffee is free!

I like the fact that the interview below didn’t stick to the topic — I enjoy unscripted appearances.  Good thing I have a lot of odd facts tucked away for just such occasions.

“CA Budget Issues:  Are tax increases the answer?”



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  1. Congratulations, Mr. Rider, and well deserved.

    TRIVIA QUESTION: Which future San Diego elected
    official gained valuable Name ID and exposure as a
    newscaster on XETV-6 ?

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