Rider interview on KUSI praising/condemning Jerry Brown

Richard Rider, Chairman, San Diego Tax Fighters Richard Rider, Chairman, San Diego Tax Fighters Leave a Comment


On the morning of Jerry Brown’s inauguration as governor of California, I did a 5 minute in-studio interview discussing his upcoming reign on KUSI-TV. Here’s the link to the video, which will not remain up on their website for too long, I suspect.


The interview is lively and a just a tad irreverent. And it includes an on-the-fly mike change for me — so don’t get rattled by the static in the first part of the interview.

One funny aspect. I show up at the last minute as always, so I was in the “green room” applying a little make-up in a futile attempt to defeat HD TV. With 60 seconds to go, I managed to get slop on my collar. My frantic repairs didn’t go well, but it didn’t matter as they filmed at an angle that left it off. But THAT was not the funny part.

The funny part was that in my exasperation I didn’t comb my very independent (remaining) hair, so I look a bit like the mad scientist in “Back to the Future.” Thank Goodness for small videos.



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