Republican Organization Backs Leo Hamel For Assembly

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RLC LogoThe Republican Liberty Caucus of San Diego (RLCSD), a local chapter of The Republican Liberty Caucus, endorsed Leo Hamel’s bid for California Assembly in the 71st District. The Republican Liberty Caucus is a 527 voluntary grassroots membership organization, dedicated to working within the Republican Party, to advance the principles of individual rights, limited government and free markets.

Hamel, a successful business owner in San Diego County has supported many RLCSD-endorsed candidates and has worked with members on past campaigns. Hamel announced his candidacy just two days ago and made his visit to the RLCSD a priority. Last night, Hamel stressed that as an Assembly member he would work hard to recruit other business leaders to “answer the call” and follow his lead to public service. Hamel stressed that his goals were aligned with the local group:

“The ideas of free markets, individual liberty are not new to me. They have been my ideas since I was seventeen years old. I am not taking these positions just to win an election. I am running because I know of no other way to reform government and increase the pursuit of happiness. It is these ideas that will define how I will represent families in the 71st.”

The RLCSD was founded in 2012 and endorsed Carl DeMaio for Mayor of San Diego. It’s sole endorsement in 2014 was for Stave Vaus for Mayor of Poway. Members helped Vaus’ campaign by raising over 5% of the money needed to win the race and visiting over 5% of the Poway voters the Vaus campaign contacted.

“The Republican Liberty Caucus is a liberty-minded, grassroots organization. We have rejected the third party route. We are about the Republican brand and reform from the inside the Party. Leo Hamel is passionate about the ideas we are passionate about. Free markets and individual liberty have a proven track record for promoting happiness and prosperity and Leo’s our guy. We are not just endorsing him. We are signing up to walk door to door with him,” said co-founder and Chairman Eric Andersen.

State Senator Joel Anderson earned the RLCSD endorsement in his bid to unseat Dianne Jacob for County Supervisor; he has since dropped out of the race. Coronado Councilman Richard Bailey was endorsed by the group for his 2016 bid for Coronado Mayor.

The Hamel endorsement will require the group to operate differently than it has in the past. RLCSD co-founder Brian Brady said, “We thought the 5%/5% approach could really help in smaller races and expect to adopt that approach in Coronado but an Assembly election is going to challenge us. 2016 is both an open seat and a Presidential election year so that number could be north of 160,000. Impacting this race will be tough but we are up to the challenge.”

Hamel has a natural advantage over his competition because of his business. His advertisements are seen on television, in newspapers, and on bill boards. His name recognition is high and he is known as an “outsider” to politics.

Brady thinks that helps. “Leo Hamel has been an equal opportunity critic of big government; he has been outspoken against both political parties.  If the Presidential primaries are teaching us anything, it’s that ‘politics as usual’ is being rejected by all kinds of voters, en masse.  Leo could not only win but win big.”

Andersen stresses that this endorsement stems from the organization’s principles. “It’s nice to win but we want to back the right kind of candidate.”

Brady agreed, saying “Principles drive us for sure but it’s good to win.”

The RLCSD thinks they have a principled winner in Leo Hamel and intend to ensure that with this endorsement.


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