Rep. Darrell Issa & CA GOP Delegation Backing Carl DeMaio

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Support keeps piling up for Carl DeMaio’s bid for Congress.

Many of the GOP members of the California Congressional Delegation are hosting a fundraising event for DeMaio on October 9th in Washington D.C.

Of particular note: Chairman Darrell Issa is on board. This is a huge deal!

Here’s the link to the event posted on the DeMaio website.



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  1. Ah yes, “following the money” is a good way to determine where loyalties to principals lay. As my “moniker” states, I have been” betrayed before.” The Republican Party in CA has been “Jerry-mandered” for sure!!! Founding Father is an interesting and obviously sincere poster. Makes me want to learn more about whomever he supports.

  2. You are kind BeBe…just understand…this is a tough crowd 🙂

    I can simply say as a full-spectrum Republican, and concerned about encroachment of “neo-progressive” ideas, formerly associated with liberal and progressive ideologies, I do not support either Kevin Faulconer or Carl DeMaio in SD. I am not aware of a Republican alternative to Kevin. However, I do support a viable and increasingly attractive alternative to Carl DeMaio.

    Kirk Jorgensen.

    He is up against a very insider heavy apparatus in San Diego Co. in the form of the RPSDC. They are lining up as we speak to get all the Central Committee members, headed by the Chairman of the Party, Mr. Krvaric, to vote for Carl DeMaio. Seems unfair and unseemly…but that is the reality, and DeMaio is there guy. DeMaio is a long time political mainstay in SD politics..former City Councilman, mayoral candidate etc…I sense a great deal of nepotism and back-room dealing…I think he is very vulnerable on a number of fronts against Scott Peters, the current incumbant democrat in the 52CD.

    Tell your friends. 🙂

  3. I have been reading a great deal on this site and a great deal posted about, and in many cases by, certain candidates. I was referred here because a close friend told me it was a site where republicans and conservatives banter around political thought and discussion. What a better place to cover the upcoming mayor and congress races as the election looms.

    For many of my friends, many politically interested and very active, center-right, and even conservative right, they are not prepared to support DeMaio. I’m not advocating one way or another at this point. But, is this “almost” endorsement by Issa, along with McCarthy and McClintock a message to the Republican Party to “get with the program” and vote for DeMaio? I’m sure the Party leaders will say they will let the “process” play out. However, surely, the Party leaders and its supporters (the developers, repub leaders, and media folks reported in the news lately) are influencing the process to channel the interest and exposure to DeMaio and others they have identified (Faulkenor comes to mind). I have a friend of mine on the San Diego Republican Central Committee that says he is already getting pressure to vote for DeMaio…from other members and insiders within the apparatus.

    Given that, what are those of us who do not choose to support DeMaio, and do not agree with his positions and political history, supposed to do? Is there a chance or fear the conservatives and those who simply do not relate to DeMaio as a politician just won’t show up? If DeMaio and the other Republican congressional candidates are virtually the same as pointed out by some, then why would we alienate the conservative base just to back DeMaio?

    I think the reason is clear; I think the national republicans have made a game-shifting decision to NOT support others so DeMaio can be the new poster child for the new party agenda, mentality and mindset and shake off the well orchestrated media-crafted peception of intolerance through massive political correctness. If in the coming weeks or months, a republican congressman in fact endorses someone other than DeMaio, then I would stand corrected.

    As another commenter pointed out, it is becoming clearer and clearer that the Republican Party can no longer be considered the Party of Traditional values and Life when DeMaio is endorsed by the Party. That makes the decision for me, and a lot of my friends and former activists for republican and conservative issues, to seriously rethink our support for a party that is willing to take such a big deviation from its own history, platform, and ideals.

    If it is only about small government, fiscal reform, and bashing unions, eliminating the other important aspects for a lot of republicans in addition to a lot of political barnacles from the past attached to the pre-designated candidates, then I can simply become a libertarian.

  4. Leaderless quotes:

    “I’m not advocating one way or another at this point” (on Carl DeMaio) – Today (above).

    “Let’s see how long it takes for nation-wide conservative groups to rethink Tom McClintock. The clock is ticking just how long it will take him to resend this hasty and poorly reached endorsement.” (of DeMaio) – September 14

    “Carl DeMaio, Member of the Doug Manchester Political Puppet Society” – September 12

    “Former potential DeMaio supporter” (Leaderless signed his/her post as) – September 4

    So, you aren’t advocating one way or the other on DeMaio?

    Too funny!

  5. I wasn’t today. What I was advocating is that there is a clear agenda on the part of the Republican leadership that DeMaio is the guy. In doing so, the leadership is saying, “get on board” conservatives…I am stating emphatically, anyone can and will support who they want. (as you very detailedly pointed out, I am not supporting DeMaio, though in that particular comment, I was not advocating anyone)

    I am also emphatically stating, as the Repubiican Party leadership is clearly advocating, is there appears to be a definite agenda to back Mr. DeMaio. So with that out of the way, and conservatives are now fending for themselves, who are they to support? Are they not going to show up? If they don’t, does anyone care?

    What is “too funny”…is you appear to want to play gotcha, and not address the issue. So, if you are finished spinning around, what is your perspective? Or do you just jump in and “spin” around…

  6. I’ll buy that you weren’t advocating for or against anyone today.

    As far as me, I actually haven’t taken a position for or against anyone in that congressional race, today or yesterday. Yet.

    You make some very good points. But to me it sounded today like you were mentioning how many of your friends have a concern with DeMaio, while very much implying that you hadn’t decided yourself. I found that interesting, considering before today you sounded very much like you had.

  7. “I have a friend of mine on the San Diego Republican Central Committee that says he is already getting pressure to vote for DeMaio…from other members and insiders within the apparatus.”

    I don’t believe that. Either:

    (a) you’re making that up (highly unlikely)
    (b) your friend is confusing statements of support with “pressure” (more likely), or
    (c) that statement is a red herring (from your friend) because they intend to vote for DeMaio (most likely)

    Carl is doing what candidates should be doing at this point– getting endorsements and raising money. Kirk is doing the same.

    Pressure implies that the “other members and insiders” have some sort of leverage over your friend–I certainly hope a member hasn’t compromised himself/herself to that point.. I’ve seen no evidence from any members that there is internal pressure to endorse DeMaio.

    If your friend is worried about “going against the grain”, my advice to your friend is this–make your argument and vote your conscience. That’s what he/she was elected to do.

    On another note, I don’t think you’re helping LCDR Jorgensen’s efforts. He is trying to run a positive campaign and he’s got committee members talking about attack emails from some midwestern consultant, “anonymous” Republicans, and a group who’s only argument for Jorgensen is that his Republican opponent is gay. I actually think the man has more depth than that.

    It might be instructive to ask LCDR Jorgensen’s supporters to let him run for Congress rather than the RPSDC endorsement. Many members are interested to see when he will turn the attack dogs away from the RPSDC and towards Scott Peters.

    That’s what Carl DeMaio is doing.

  8. Ye Gods, the more I read about the slimy tactics of the sorry bunch represented by the San Diego “insiders”, the more I realize how long this charade has been going on. I thought I left the gay parade in Palm Springs, where it is moot. …..apparently it has come south. I must say, tho’ Palm Springs is more honest about it all. The truth is leaking out…….

  9. The other day, Betrayed claimed his comment was not meant as a slur. We accepted that. What should we think now? Readers?

  10. Mr. Brady,

    I came to this site after I saw Mr. Jorgensen speak once. I was dragged to an event, and I was surprisingly and refreshingly pleased with what I saw and heard. I am not an attack dog. Yet, it appears a little too convenient any time anyone raises issues regarding Mr. DeMaio or references Mr. Jorgensen, that Mr. DeMaio’s “supporters” (read-Attack dogs, now according to Mr. Brady) appear out of the woodwork and immediately begin accusations and innuendo about them, or anyone who raises questions or concerns about Carl DeMaio, the party leadership, in the 52CD bout.

    Oh…a little side note-Mr. DeMaio has posted 228 articles on this site, four in the last week, Mr. Jorgensen….none!

    I cannot speak to allegations about consultants and rumors. Although that does seem a bit skewed for a man of your position and stature to mention it here in a public much for impartiality. You needn’t hire a firm to Google the challenges of either Mr. DeMaio or senior members of the Party leadership to ascertain there have been significant and systemic issues with them for years. One can only conclude because the Chairman and others have used intimidation and coercion in the past as confirmed by numerous investigative reports and newspaper articles, that one would only assume Mr. Jorgensen must be doing the same thing. I have no clue….and I am confident when I write, neither do you. Of course, Mr. DeMaio’s or the party’s “supporters” say there are. How convenient.

    I can speak with absolute assurance to my friend who is one of the 49 plus delegates on the Central Committee; he has been approached, he does see and know of existing pressure and influence, and he is disgusted by it. Apparently a number of committee members are…they just know the wrath and methods of the Chairman as they and several others have witnessed, so they play the game. That is what I have been told, and the more I spend time on this site, listen or hear stories and events from the past, and witness all the “support” for the Party leaders here, the more I believe it.

    However, in the midst of your “support” for the party and defense of the “bullies” on Mr. DeMaio, you still have not answered the fundamental question I posed earlier (which was the original purpose of my comment);

    Try to focus now….

    Who are conservatives supposed to support when the Republican Party endorses Mr. DeMaio? What does that say about the path and vision for the GOP?

    It isn’t a trick question.

  11. “I can speak with absolute assurance to my friend who is one of the 49 plus delegates on the Central Committee; he has been approached, he does see and know of existing pressure and influence, and he is disgusted by it.”

    Let me see if I understand this: an anonymous commenter, is telling a story about an anonymous committee member, with pressure from anonymous people…oh, it’s all Tony Krvaric’s fault.

    That sounds an awful lot like the straw man our President uses when he has to answer for his performance.

    If I’m wrong, please have your friend call me. I’ll even afford them the cloak of anonymity.

    “Who are conservatives supposed to support when the Republican Party endorses Mr. DeMaio? What does that say about the path and vision for the GOP?”

    I think you mean “cultural conservatives” but I see your point; they haven’t put up a candidate who’s running on cultural issues. The only two candidates I know who are running are much more interested on fiscal issues than cultural ones. Sorry to disappoint you.

    Support whomever you see fit to represent your values. I’ll repeat this again and ask now that you focus. Kirk would do well to run for Congress (like Carl is doing) rather than RPSDC Central Committee endorsement. While the latter is a component of the election, RPSDC can’t just hand pick the winner.

    You’re not doing Kirk any favors here (but this was never about supporting Kirk now, was it?)

  12. I’m beginning to wonder if the increasingly troll like comments aren’t Jorgensen supporters at all, but caustic plants acting like his backers so as to undermine his campaign. I’m quite serious. I understand how difficult it is for a candidate to control over zealous supporters, but it would be nice for someone from the KJ campaign to let us all know what he or his team thinks of a constant barrage of attacks on Krvaric, the central committee and others, as well as the implication that committee members are too weak to be able to take a stand and think for themselves.

  13. Mr. Brady,

    You are absolutely correct. It never was about Mr. Jorgensen.

    It was initially about curiosity. Then it became about conviction. Conviction for a party, a philosophy, and a vision I and many others were once comfortable knowing the Republican party stood for. Call them cultural, or social, or “mental”….conservatives were the ones that made the 2010 elections possible. Conservatives were the ones attacked in the IRS scandals, and that have been vilified and ridiculed all through the Prop 8 debates and events. Conservatives are the ones with Coalitions, mass activist groups and Patriot teams…they are a formidable force for ground game and “get-out-the-vote” efforts. That is why I, and perhaps others, are so adamant about what the Party, its leadership, and others are thinking when they advocate for a non-conservative…any non-conservative.

    The entire argument was always about what do conservatives do now that the party appears to be abandoning them?

    And yet, they are told to just accept the New Majority endorsement, and the New Generation agenda…yes, the SAME agenda being exhibited by the endorsements and support shown in press releases and Monday meetings conducted by and influenced by the Party. That isn’t conjecture or fantasy…read the press releases and reports of the “influence” exuded already. Ask around…see who has received calls from whom about “support.” The list is long. I know, my “fictitious” friend told me.

    So, myself and other conservatives express that observation via this blogsite…and the conclusion is “Ah Ha!!! It must be Jorgensen supporters.” Then “No, it must be trolls, pretending to be Jorgensen supporters.” What’s next….”It must be Jorgensen supporters, pretending to be trolls, pretending to be Jorgensen supports…”

    Maybe its the political ghost of Michael Crimmins.

    Listen to yourselves.

    Sadly, now it is just about disgust. I wouldn’t bother yourself with paranoid delusions about having to call some campaign simply because a few citizens, seeing the political writing on the wall had the temerity and their God given right to call it the way the saw it. I am confident Mr. Jorgensen, his campaign, and his true supporters are above all this.

    But you go on blaming Mr. Jorgensen, or the pretending trolls, or the trolls pretending to be trolls, if that makes you feel better when the endorsements come and DeMaio is the nominee. That is a perfect excuse for all those former conservatives and Republicans to use after the CC vote has been cast, and they then will have to answer for their decision.

  14. Thorette, maybe my memory is faulty (my memory IS faulty — only the degree is in question) — but didn’t you website mavens decide a while back that FUTURE posters had to use their real names, as more responsible websites are requiring?

  15. The decision was that new bloggers must write under their real names, with existing anonymous bloggers allowed to continue. The intent was/is to increase the proportion of real bloggers to anonymous ones, which has taken place gradually. However, commenters are allowed to be anonymous. That did not change.

  16. Regarding Leaderless’ contention that “Mr. DeMaio has posted 228 articles on this site, four in the last week, Mr. Jorgensen….none!”…

    DeMaio was in office for all of the time of Rostra’s existence and was a candidate for mayor last year, when the other candidates for mayor also posted regularly.

    Jorgensen has been a candidate for a few months.

    A comparison of how many articles were posted by DeMaio versus Jorgensen over a 3 or 4 year period is therefore inane.

    For the record, four or five of Jorgensen’s press releases/articles have indeed been posted here in recent weeks. His press person at the time posted them under her name, as a blogger here, instead of under his name. That is the choice of the campaign, and makes no difference as we see it.

    Two weeks ago we were in communication with Jorgensen’s press person to ensure we were on the distribution list, etc.

    We have posted most, if not all, of the press releases sent by Jorgensen to us.

    If he would like to do a piece for Rostra, he is invited to do so, just like always.

    Thank you.

  17. Thor’s Assistant,

    I appreciate the officiating. It at least provides an atmosphere of impartiality. To clarify, the reference to the number of posts/articles was in rebuttal of the “supporter/attack dog” accusation by one commenter. The issue at hand is not only does said name candidate post a lot, but it also allows for multiple responses from his “supporters” to then “support” in the form of refuting or minimizing, or vilifying anyone that has a different angle, concern, or argument.

    As far as “inane” is concerned….it wasn’t quite inane enough to ignore. It must have resonated somehow, or I guess it would have remained ignored instead of “inane.” What is evidently NOT inane is the notable defense Mr. DeMaio receives, while others are ignored or remain “inane.” I think that captures the whole issue of tacit support, endorsements, and agendas driven by a the wide spectrum of interlocking equities across the power-base and political interests from the New Generation supporters, which includes members within the RPSDC…opposed to, let’s say, the “traditional” or “cultural” base of conservatives, as witnessed by the vast majority of articles, comments, and responses.

    That is an observation…and admittedly, it may be considered inane, foolish, non-sequitur, and all possible Latin terms people one can Google to appear competent or educated. However, it does not change the emerging realization that conservatives, however one chooses to define them, are NO longer to be considered in the New Generation agenda…and it appears a number of people here are simply OK with that.

  18. Thorette, it SEEMS we have new posters using pseudonyms. Or are these the same suspects merely changing their nom de plume?

    If the latter, I thought we/you required the fake named souls to STICK with their fake names — so as to not confuse who is saying (REALLY saying) what.

    Give me/us your guidance.

    Bond. James Bond

  19. 007… Are you asking about commenters or blog authors? We have no new bloggers with pseudonyms. Anon commenters are indeed required to select a name and stick with it. In some cases we are aware a name has changed and are ok with that, in instances when they have been outed, etc. That’s rare. As far as guaranteeing that commenters aren’t posting under multiple names, in most cases we can figure it out, but there isn’t a 100 percent foolproof method. If you are suspect of a rule violation,

  20. Oooooooo. Thor is getting churlish…I signed in to check out the various sites and have discovered to my dismay that the “insiders” have a common thread. Volkalize is part of the broad brush too, it seems. Painting with a broad brush is always foolish, particularly with so many of the bristles missing. I saw what I feared, and God help San Diego. I am NOT affiliated with nor chosen one, any candidate……but I know I won’t be supportive of the Carl DeMaio supporters and his “New generation” babble. Sounds much too “liberation” and that’s really old hat. There’s got to be a genuine search for honesty out there somewhere. ByeBye.

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