Recalls, Corruption, Bribes, Drugs, a Grand Jury, and Arlie Ricasa

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Quite an interesting headline for a blog post, right? Well, as I was blog trolling this morning, I found a new post over on the Recall Ricasa blog regarding the recall of Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Alvarez, but also some interesting tidbits on Sweetwater Union High School District’s superintendent Jesus Gandara and his family’s involvement in crooked politics in Texas.

According to the blog, superintendent Gandara’s brother, Willie Gandara, Sr. and the superintendent’s son, Jesus Gandara, Jr. are both being recalled after a slew of corruption allegations came to fruition in Socorro, TX. Apparently, the whole story plays out like the entire Gandara family which includes a Mayor, city councilman, and an El Paso County Commissioner are all linked together after a grand jury indictment caught them in a corruption web of lies, bribery, drugs, and the blog somehow links it all back to Sweetwater and Arlie Ricasa.

It’s certainly an interesting read! You can check out the article here.

I also noted that the Recall Ricasa blog is now on Facebook in case any fellow, good government conservatives want to “like” it. Perhaps the effort is gaining some traction?


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  1. If you look at the story in Texas, Willie Gandara is being recalled as a result of an indictment against him, Jesse Gandra Jr., a councilman who is also his nephew supports the recall which is on a ballot for May 14th. The drugs and corruption charges apply to Willie Gandara and Luis Varela, no connection to at all to anyone here, just a people speaking without any proof!

  2. Please do your research, commissioner gandara is not involved in any scandal. Nor Willie is involved in drug charges. However, the Jesse’s (dad and son) are implicated in the misuse and abuse of public dollars. Public fact.

  3. That is a priceless comment! Sunnycrest, may we suggest a spreadsheet listing the family members? It could include things like…

    (Name 1) Gandara — Misuse of public funds (yes) / Drug charges (no) / Facing recall (yes)

    (Name 2) Gandara — Misuse of public funds (no) / Drug charges (yes) / Facing recall (no)

    And so on. You get the idea. This would help us keep track of the family members and only connect each Gandara categorically to the alleged abusive activities attributed to them individually.


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