Public Landfills: A Constitutional Right

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With all the real issues in the world needing to be addressed, all the significant causes to which an individual could attach their heart, soul and energy, what motivation could possibly compel anyone to hold up a sign with the plea, “Keep our Landfills public”? Just thought I’d ask.


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  1. Of COURSE it is a right! And being a right, that means government must supply it for us. Free of charge too! And if you don’t agree then you are a racist. Or a bigot. Maybe even both. I dunno why…that is just what I say when people disagree with me. Anyway, I am entitled to garbage care. I demand that every week a federal employee come into my house and empty my federally regulated cans into a solar powered garbage truck that drives to a congressionally funded hole in the ground to dump it.

  2. It is staggering. But it is an endemic problem in San Diego – the belief by people from across the spectrum to believe that as long as it is something THEY like the government should provide it to them for “free”.

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