President Trump: A Restoration of the Republic or the Beginning of the TVGOP ?

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I might vote for Donald Trump for President because I am an optimist.  I have long considered the real problem in this country to be the imperial Presidency.  Congress has abdicated its constitutional authority over the past 20-25 years and given the Executive Branch opportunities to seize that power.

Trump’s support comes from Republican voters’ discontent with a flaccid Congress. 

A Republican-controlled Congress, pledged to confront an overreaching President Trump, would give me exactly what I needed to vote for the television reality star:

Brian Brady, a tea party organizer and former Republican committee member, said the only way he’d vote for Donald Trump would be if Ryan and Senate Leader Mitch McConnell reassured him that a President Trump would be held to even more constitutional scrutiny than Barack Obama.

I am as upset with Congress, too.  We gave them the House in 2010, the Senate in 2014, and the only Senators who have actually tried to stop President Obama were Rand Paul, Mike Lee, and Ted Cruz.  What did they get for their courage?  Criticism from the old bulls in the Senate and the House.

The Republicans in Congress could save the Republic and the Republican Party by saying one thing; no matter who is elected President in November, the Republican Party is going to be the party which respects and enforces the Constitution.

Alas, it might be too late for that.  An interesting sub-culture has developed within the Republican voting coalition– the alt-right.  I call it the TVGOP (to give it a name) because it is influenced by talk radio and Fox News hosts rather than books and history.  Sarah Palin is the grand dame of the TVGOP and Donald Trump appealed to it with his fame and willingness to say the outrageous.

The TVGOP recognizes that culture influences the electorate, not ideas.  An online discussion of Bastiat’s Broken Window Theory doesn’t speak to voters as well as a confrontation of political correctness does.  The TVGOP sees America as two tribes with government being the ultimate weapon.  Control of the government then, is good for our tribe and bad for theirs.  The TVGOP knows that Americans just don’t understand what made America great in the first place:

So, then, what happened to the majority of Republicans? Why aren’t they conservative? The answer lies in America’s biggest – and scariest – problem: Most Americans no longer know what America stands for.

For them, America has become just another country, a place located between Canada and Mexico. But America was founded to be an idea, not another country.

As Margaret Thatcher put it: “Europe was created by history. America was created by philosophy.” Why haven’t Americans over the past three generations known what America stands for? Probably the biggest reason is the influence of left-wing ideas.

The TVGOP has this right– most Americans are clueless.  It’s an end justifies the means approach rooted in identity politics.  It’s the direct confrontation to the Obama machine’s “fundamental transformation of the country”.  It celebrates the notion that force, rather than ideas, is the only effective countermeasure to force.  The TVGOP could be helpful if it weren’t so focused on destroying the modern Republican Party.  To wit– Sarah Palin wants to “Cantor” Paul Ryan.

I am no cheerleader for Paul Ryan.  I wish he were more like Paul, Lee, and Cruz rather than Boehner and McCarthy but, to me, he is the only line of defense from a TVGOP government.  If Ryan and McConnell step up, and publicly pledge to hold Trump to a higher standard of constitutional scrutiny than they did Obama, I can support the presumptive Republican nominee.

Otherwise, who cares about the November election?  It would just be two tribal leaders feuding over command of an army.



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  1. We’ve stopped debating non-government solutions. The laws of economics will not be suspended by political interference but go ahead and follow Hunter and Woodrum and the TVGOP. As for me and my house we will not give consent to be ruled by anyone who denies that all men are created equal and are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights …

  2. Give me a break. Conservatives love an imperial presidency when your guy is doing it. We lost more liberty under the Bush (Patriot Act) administration than any time in my life . Another 9-11 with a Republican authoritarian in office and you will silently and willingly give up more to “keep us safe”. Nobody here complained about executive orders until a black Democrat issued them, then, all of a sudden, the Constitution is being used as toilet paper.
    Please folks, use the same standards of judgment regardless of who and which party is in the majority. Our system is one of systematic bribery and is completely corrupt. Do you conservatives actually believe that Citizens United was a first amendment issue ?

  3. Post

    “We lost more liberty under the Bush (Patriot Act) administration than any time in my life”

    Agreed. I think you made my point. Only one Senator (Feingold) voted against and twice as many Democratic House members voted for it as against it.

    “Nobody here complained about executive orders until a black Democrat issued them, then, all of a sudden, the Constitution is being used as toilet paper”

    Now you are just lying. I’ve complained about Executive Orders for close to 20 years. It was cute that you played the race card, though

  4. Therrio – point to a “conservative” that upholds imperialism and I will point to an individual who is not a conservative.

  5. Brian, My bad. I made a false assumption. I should have said no one in the conservative media questioned Bushes executive orders.

  6. Post
  7. “My bad. I made a false assumption. I should have said no one in the conservative media questioned Bushes executive orders.”

    Trump has…..

  8. Post
  9. Actually…it was the Coolidge-Hoover rightists that were blamed as the isolationists in the inter-war years …and the Wilsonian-Rooseveltian leftists were the internationalists…how times have changed… it appears Trump may be taking the country full circle with his “America First” slogan. That should make the Libertarians jump for joy!

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    “That should make the Libertarians jump for joy!”

    It’s made the Lew Rockwell crew go bonkers for him. I think its kind of funny that the presumptive Republican nominee said, in a nationally televised GOP debate, “Bush lied, people died” and Republicans are flocking to him.

    and he provided cover, for HRC’s vote on Iraq while endorsing her in 2012:

    ‘Don’t forget that decision was based on lies given to her,’ he says. “She’s very smart and has a major chance to be our next president.’”

  11. If anyone doesn’t believe that a President Cruz would issue as many executive orders as President Obama did, I have this bridge in Brooklyn that I would like to sell to you. And, given the option of “carpet bombing’ and “making the sand glow” or allowing people whose parents brought them to this country as infants or toddlers the opportunity to stay legally, I will choose the latter every time.

  12. From an individual rights point of view it is Trump all the way!!!
    Hillary is a neo-monarchist who will exceed the extra-Constitutional orders of Obama – to media applause and Congressional inaction.
    I agree this is a problem beginning with “progressives” ((aka regressives)) FDR and Nixon, who sought more power than the Constitution granted them.
    Under a Trump presidency the media will be critical and Congress oppositional — all good Constitutional things. That may set back the regressives’ efforts to establish an 8-year monarchy as the presidential norm.
    For the good of the Republic, vote Trump!!

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