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  1. Mr. Slater, These laws are scripted to get Evangelicals to the polls in November. The same rubes who support this crap will end up paying the legal fees. When Chris Wallace and Megan Kelly are calling B.S. you might want to rethink.

  2. The rubes are the ones who support crap like letting men into women’s restrooms. Tyranny by a creepy minority who want to force people to kowtow to their mental illness. Morally bankrupt people buy into this perverted crap, not people with good values.

    Sympathize with the transwhatevers and help them get mental help. They are mentally ill. But giving in and supporting this mental illness by doing nothing and saying nothing is a sign of the sickness of American society. What’s next? Pedophiles demanding that it be legal for them to victimize children? Love is love. No, it’s not. There is normal love and there is perverted, sick love.

    I self-identify as a person who doesn’t pay taxes so I demand that I not pay any taxes. What’s the difference between my delusion and a man who thinks he’s a woman?! Whether you are Christian or not, stop putting up with perversion that you know in your heart and soul is wrong.

  3. Paul,

    The issue actually started with Charlotte that raised the Transgender bathroom debate on private property. NC state then reacted to that. So the vote getting started from the left to force an religious right reaction.

  4. What do you thumpers think should be done about a god created hermaphrodyte? Are they “sick” also. Perhaps we should encourage legal stoning like your moooooslem brothers do. Do you also agree with a major Cruz event holder that homos should be executed. Please cite one documented case where a trans person has assaulted anyone in a restroom.
    If you want to protect you child, support separate restrooms for Catholic priests.

  5. Considering that pedophile Catholic priests like the local Father Shanley are homosexual, that would make you a bigot and homophobic for criticizing them. The Human Rights Campaign may have to stone you for that.

    The hermaphrodytes are not trying to force he and she’s way into a woman’s bathroom. It’s the mentally ill men like Bruce Jenner that are trying to do that. Your support of that makes you an accessory to this sickness.

    Ten years ago when this was not an issue, I bet a dime to a dollar that when you saw a man dressed up as a woman, you thought, “what a wierdo”. Come on, you know you did.

    Since the rest of the moral relativists like you suddenly latched to the latest craze, all of a sudden you care about them. You didn’t care then but you care now. Isn’t that a little shallow?

    At least admit that you have no good values and that your values are only what are popular today and tomorrow they’ll change like the wind. It must be depressing for you not knowing what to believe in until somebody tells you.

    I don’t care about documented cases, I care about keeping men out of women’s restrooms. A man is a man and a woman is a woman. Everything else is mental illness. Sympathize with them but admit they need mental help. You could help them a lot by getting them the help they need.

  6. And meanwhile, while you all are so passionately fighting over an issue where almost no transgender has ever been tossed from a bathroom OR assaulted a woman in one (maybe a cross dressing predator has) the debt is rising, healthcare costs are climbing, wages are stagnating, and the list goes on.

    You will never encounter a trans in the toilet. Your wife and kids probably will never get attacked by a perv in the bathroom, and if they do he will only be wearing a dress because this idiotic WEDGE issue was put on the agenda, and only to strategically fire up and divide both sides so candidates can avoid the hard policy that actually has an impact on our lives.

  7. Well done Leah. I tend to be a little crude. Thanks for crafting a truthfull analysis. Back to being crude: Dan: Nothing says “wierdo” like Ted’s dad on stage with a bunch of leisure suit wearing, make-up wearing tent preaching freaks who use waaaaay too much hair spray , holding hands and speaking in tounges.

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