Politics Roundup – Post Election Day

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Where to see the results…

San Diego County


Peters-DeMaio — Thanks be, it’s finally over … well, not quite yet!!…

SDUT: DeMaio, Peters race virtually tied

Voice: DeMaio Leads Peters, But Race Is Still Uncertain

BreitbartCA: Gay Republican Has Narrow Lead in California

State Races…

BreitbartCA: Jon Fleischman: Republicans Lose in Blue CA–but Stop Supermajority & Win Upsets

Cal Watchdog: GOP blocks super-majority in State Senate

SDUT Editorial: Why cautious Brown should have been bold

FlashReport: Today’s Headlines from around the state

San Diego County Miscellaneous…

SDUT: Cate beats Kim for SD council

SDUT Editorial: A vote for common sense comes to San Diego City Hall

Voice: What Chris Cate Means for the City Council (Hint: the Veto-Proof Majority Isn’t a Big Deal)

SDUT Editorial: Removing a crook from San Diego City Hall

Rostra: Jerome Stocks: That’s why they call it dope

Rostra: Elliot Schroeder: Obama’s choice

Voice: Morning Report for Today

SDUT: Misc. Election Coverage

Voice: Misc. Election Coverage

Times of San Diego: Misc. Election Coverage

KPBS: Misc. Election Coverage

SDUT Election Coverage…

Elections – Miscellaneous

South County City Races

East County City Races

East County Elections

A bunch of races – U-T Politics page

ICYMI the last Couple of Days…

Voice: What We Know About the Election Before It’s Happened

Times of San Diego: San Diego Votes Tuesday, Ending Acrimonious Political Season

SDUT: Election Day is here, finally

Times of San Diego: First Asian-American Council Member in Years Guaranteed

Press Release: Governor Wilson Endorses Chris Cate for City Council

Times of San Diego: How Low Can San Diego Go? Voter Turnout Forecast at 34-38%

KPBS: Will San Diegans Turn Out At The Polls Tuesday? Maybe

FlashReport: Katy Grimes: Statist CA Needs Leaders, Not Legacy-Seekers

SDUT: Steve Greenhut: State GOP might forestall supermajorities

SacBee: Dan Walters: Controller John Chiang drops bombshell on California public pensions

Voice: The Busy Voter’s Election Guide

Times of San Diego: Voter Guide to San Diego and State Races in Nov. 4 Election

Voice: Lansdowne and Zimmerman Explain Their Split Over Prop. 47

Press Release: Governor Wilson Endorses Chris Cate for City Council

SDUT: Oceanside council candidates race to the finish

La Mesa Today: Much At Stake In City Council Race

Times of San Diego: ’30 Years in the Making’: Volunteers Walk District 6, Urge Asian Vote

SDUT Editorial: Five close races where individual voters really matter

SDUT: Escondido voters have a lot to decide

SDUT: When campaigns go negative — Candidates’ attack ads always work, except when they don’t

Voice: Whose Opinions Do U-T Editorials Represent? Jeff Light Explains.

SDUT: What’s at stake election day

SDUT: Mayoral power shifts

SDUT Editorial: In Stockton, a victory for pension status quo

SDUT: Sharp contrast in SD council race between Cate and Kim

Rostra: Mailer compares Carol Kim’s voting record to you

Voice: San Diego Unified: ‘This Is a Systemic Failure’

Rostra: Will Nehring’s Paternalism Appeal to California Women?

KPBS Video: Roundtable Rounds Up Election Races, SDUSD Graduation Rates

Voice Sacramento Report: Five Questions for a Lobbyist

SDUT: Stockton bankruptcy ruling not as bad as it looks

SDUT: Politics Notebook

Rostra: Yesterday’s Politics Roundup


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