Politics Roundup for the Weekend: The House of Cards issue

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Peters wins, while significant post-election questions surface…

“If this were a House of Cards storyline, we’d find it really enjoyable, but we’d also be thinking how unrealistic the whole thing is.” —Barry Jantz, via Twitter

“Based on the … information I believe Todd Bosnich burglarized the Carl DeMaio campaign office…” —SDPD report, from the U-T San Diego article by Greg Moran linked below

“Bosnich responded and asked his mother to leave him alone because he was responsible for a ‘huge f–k up’ and had to be fired as the campaign’s policy director. —Wendy Fry, in the second NBC7 story linked below

“According to the court documents, Todd Bosnich gave Peters’ campaign manager, MaryAnne Pintar, printed proofs of the mailers from Carl DeMaio’s campaign and a CD containing a recording of his June interview with KFMB’s Mike Slater.” —Wendy Fry and Lyn Walsh, in the first NBC7 story linked below

Rostra editorial comment: But, Slater didn’t air the interview and no one seems to know how it got out.

“The documents also reveal that the Peters campaign held on to the information for several days before alerting police. Peters had said his team handed it to police within 24 hours of getting it.” –Scott Lewis, Voice Morning Report

“Scott Peters, will you request MaryAnne Pintar resign for outing a sexual harassment survivor without his consent?” —Lori Saldana, via Twitter

“Following my earlier flippant comparison to House of Cards, I’ll sign off with this, journalists: Stay away from the subway tracks.” —Barry Jantz, via Twitter

SDUT: Peters manager met with fired DeMaio aide

NBC7: Search Warrants Reveal Bosnich Gave Peters Confidential Campaign Docs

KPBS: Peters Up Nearly 4,500 Votes Over DeMaio; AP Declares Peters Winner; Peters campaign manager responds to police reports

Voice: MaryAnne Pintar’s Friday night statement

NBC7: SDPD Investigated Anonymous Emails Sent to DeMaio Accuser: Warrants

“There was some frustration that AP called the race. And DeMaio seemed optimistic. But even the Republican blog SD Rostra called it in their breakdown of the numbers.” —Scott Lewis, Voice Morning Report

Rostra: Friday Update: Assessing the changing DeMaio-Peters vote count; Peters wins

Rostra: The Peters-DeMaio Battleground Precincts

Voice Morning Report for today: Calling it for Peters

Politico: Rep. Scott Peters beats Carl DeMaio for San Diego seat

SDUT Editorial: Rep. Peters must live up to image he sold

Where to see the Election results…

San Diego County


San Diego County and some State Miscellaneous…

KPBS Video: Roundtable Reflects On The 2014 Midterm Election

Voice: Sacramento Report: Atkins an Election Winner Who Might’ve Also Lost

Rostra: Advice for new Republican Senate and House: Don’t be bi-partisan

SFGate: Tim Donnelly: CAGOP now ‘moderate wing of the Democrat Party’

FlashReport: Saturday Headlines from around the state

FlashReport: Sunday Headlines from around the state

ICYMI the last couple of days…

Prop H Fallout: SDUT Editorial: Country club owner has legal high ground, not Escondido

SDUT Editorial: Hits and misses in pot legalization movement

Reader: I did my very best for this city — La Mesa’s outgoing mayor Art Madrid speaks

10 News: Candidates for mayor in Imperial Beach only separated by handful of votes

Reader: Expensive race card — Transcripts don’t indicate Bob Filner racially denigrated Andrew Jones

Rostra: Sen. Dennis Hollingsworth: An admonition to the winners

Rostra: Friday’s Politics Roundup

SDUT: Trustees ousted from some school boards

Voice: A ‘Sea Change’ for Poway Unified – Incumbents ousted

BreitbartCA: San Diego Mayor Wins Back Veto Power with Cate Victory

LA Times: Cities in San Diego County reject medical marijuana dispensary measures

SDUT: Cate beats Kim for SD council

SDUT Editorial: A vote for common sense comes to San Diego City Hall

Voice: What Chris Cate Means for the City Council (Hint: the Veto-Proof Majority Isn’t a Big Deal)

SDUT Editorial: Removing a crook from San Diego City Hall

Rostra: Jerome Stocks: That’s why they call it dope

Rostra: Elliot Schroeder: Obama’s choice

Misc Election Coverage…

SDUT: Misc. Election Coverage

Voice: Misc. Election Coverage

Times of San Diego: Misc. Election Coverage

KPBS: Misc. Election Coverage

SDUT Election Coverage…

Elections – Miscellaneous

South County City Races

East County City Races

East County Elections

A bunch of races – U-T Politics page


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  1. So this could turn out to be the second time DeMaio has lost to a deceitful Democrat. If Peters has to resign like (but not for the same reason) as Filner how odd this will all be.

  2. Elliot,

    I’ll play. What do you believe Congressman Peters did that would lead to his being forced to resign?

  3. HQ: Give me a break. Of course Scott Peters was behind this criminal action. But he’ll use the lame “plausible deniability” to shield himself. “Scott didn’t know what was happening”. What a bunch of bull! Carl should file a criminal complaint against Scott Peters immediately. The Democrats in San Diego are as dirty and corrupt as Obama.

    Another thing Carl needs to do is demand a re-count. If Al Franken in Minnesota could get a re-count, so should Carl. Demand a re-count immediately Carl!

  4. Dan,

    What was the “criminal action?”

    As for a recount, DeMaio lost by 2.6%. Franken trailed by less than 0.1% in the initial vote count in 2008.

  5. Post

    We caution our readers, going forward, AGAIN, to refrain from making allegations that cannot be backed up with proof. We don’t care about partisanship. Having a belief that something took place in a particular way is not the same as having proof. There are also those that in their hearts believe without a shadow of doubt that Carl DeMaio has done something wrong. No facts, just an opinion. This rule goes both ways. In other words, if you want to potentially libel someone, have at it. Someplace else. Don’t make Rostra responsible for having to answer to a complaint.

  6. If i was Carl, I would demand a further investigation into the dealings of Bosnich and Scott Peter’s campaign manager, Maryanne Pintar. This extensive contact was revealed in the sexual harassment investigation thus far. This is an established fact. A few questions HQ. Was there any inducement to accuse Carl of sexual harassment? Whose idea was it to break into Carl’s HQ? How did Scott Peters end up with Carl’s campaign strategy playbook? Is there a smoking gun? Not sure at this point but what would you call all of the facts revealed in the sexual harassment investigation about the dealing with Bosnich and Pintar?

  7. Dan,

    If you look at the timeline, both the break-in and the first time that Bosnich mentioned the alleged sexual harassment (the Slater interview) happened well before Bosnich contacted Congressman Peters’ campaign. If the campaign is “guilty” of anything, it is of helping Bosnich get his story told. This is certainly not illegal and I can’t think of a single campaign manager that wouldn’t have done the same.

  8. Just grousing Barry. All in all, a great election for San Diego Republicans. Chris Cate, Steve Vaus, T.J. Zane and all the others. The way Carl lost just burns me up.

  9. It was a great election for the Republican Party NATIONALLY, but I am not sure you can say the same about the local elections:

    The “big two” races were split.

    T.J. Zane did win a seat on the Poway Unified School Board, but so did two Democrats, in Poway!

    Democrat Kevin Beiser easily won re-election as President of the San Diego Unified Board.

    Steve Vaus did win, but wasn’t the incumbent also a Republican?

    And Chula Vista now has a liberal Democratic Mayor.

  10. Hyposcrisy: You make the Bosnich/Pintar controversy sound so innocent. A fired political staffer breaks into his ex-boss’s HQ, steals the campaign strategy and it innocently happens to wind up in Scott Peters HQ? I’m sure it was all Bosnich’s idea and Pintar was white as snow. I hope Carl pursues the investigation aggressively.

  11. There is no proof that Mr. Bosnich was responsible for the break-in. If there was, I would assume the D.A. would have charged him. What we do know is that a disgruntled ex-employee shared information with his former employer’s competition.

    The lessons here are to have all employees sign non-disclosure agreements and more importantly, treat your employees better so they don’t become disgruntled. I doubt Mr. DeMaio did either.

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