Politics Roundup for the Weekend — December 14, 2014

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2016 MLB All Star for San Diego?…

SDUT: All-Star bid is $1.5M for $80M

SDUT: Dubious stats for All-Star Game?“Show me the data. Not buying it in the slightest,” tweeted Erik Bruvold.

City of San Diego machinations…

Voice: High Drama at the City Council Inauguration

SDUT: Lightner taking new approach

SDUT: Marti Emerald tapped for No. 2 job

NBC7 Video: Behind Scenes of Council President Vote: How Incumbent Todd Gloria Was Ousted

KPBS: San Diego City Council Staffer Suspended Without Pay After Shooting Comment

SDUT Editorial: Council President Lightner’s challenge

The Latest Headlines…

Rostra: I wish you a somewhat mild and not overly stimulating period of time during the coldest of months in the northern hemisphere…

Rostra’s Brian Brady: A Case For Changing the Republican Party of San Diego County — Part Two: The Neighborhood Volunteer Precinct Captain

VOSD: The Bizarre Unity of the SANDAG Board

Voice: Assemblyman Brian Maienschein: How to Bring Back California’s Competitive Edge

Voice Sacto Report: Lorena Gonzalez’s Strange New Role

KPBS: Only 42 Percent Of Californians Voted In November’s Election

SDUT: Teachers firing rejected again

Voice’s Scott Lewis: If Not the Minimum Wage, Then What? The GOP’s Poverty Problem

SDUT’s Steve Greenhut: How far will cop unions go to halt reform?Union law firm’s ‘candidate researchers’ face felony charges for Costa Mesa incident

SDUT Editorial: Out of bankruptcy, Detroit offers lessons for California

SDUT Editorial: The sexual assault crisis at San Diego State

SDUT: Judge Kreep in dispute over unpaid loan

FlashReport: Sunday’s headlines from around the state

FlashReport: Saturday’s headlines from around the state

Voice: Morning Report for Saturday


SDUT’s Steve Greenhut: Is AG ignoring lessons from IRS scandal?

SDUT: Community garden request goes nowhere in Escondido

SDUT State’s high court takes up sea wall fight in Encinitas

Voice: The Scott Barnett Exit Interview

Voice: Everything You Need to Know About SDPD’s Body Cameras But Were Too Afraid to Ask

CityBeat: Bonnie Dumanis, Todd Gloria and SDSU frat boys

SDUT: Chula Vista council to appoint fifth member

SDUT: Zapf wants new spending rule — San Diego councilwoman frustrated predecessor drained community grant fund

SDUT Editorial: Finally, a resolution to Soledad cross?

SDUT: Sheriff sues county panel to fire jail deputy

KPBS: New San Diego Data Chief Wants To Get Government Records In Public’s Hands

Voice: The Scott Barnett Exit Interview

SDUT: Should term ‘illegal alien’ remain in letters to the editor?

SDUT’s Logan Jenkins: Laura’s Law would be a laser, not a charm

KPBS: Carl DeMaio Launches Super PAC Thanks for letting Rostra know, Carl.

Seaside Courier’s Thomas K. Arnold: Cronyism rears its ugly head again“Ah, the North County political scene. You gotta love it.”

SDUT: DA’s office changes echo political vote

Voice: Behind the Lone Vote Against SANDAG’s Big Transportation Plan

SDUT’s Steve Greenhut: Demographic changes threaten pensions

SDUT: Gonzalez bill would force HOAs to allow fake grass

Rostra’s Bob Siegel: The Pearl Harbor attack under Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton

NBC7 Video: Possible Solution in Mt. Soledad Cross Legal Battle

FlashReport’s Katy Grimes: Willie Brown’s Unwise Conversation on Race

SDUT: New councilman — Chris Cate — all about expertise

VOSD: SDPD: Body Cameras Are for Evidence, Not Transparency

Voice: La Mesa Councilmember Kristine Alessio, re SANDAG: My Constituents Want More Freeway Off-Ramps, Not Trolleys

MUST Reads you may have missed…

Rostra’s Brian Brady: A Case for Changing The Republican Party Of San Diego County — Part One

Rostra’s Vince Vasquez: California GOP: Competitive Statewide by 2020“What’s needed is a new approach to narrowing the voter gap with the Democratic Party.”

Rostra: Second Amendment activists to County Board of Supervisors: Dealing with an unconstitutional law should be near the top of your priority listIs anyone on the County Board of Supervisors listening?

Races shaping up for 2016?…

LGBT Weekly: On to the 2016 elections!Who’s looking at which seats?

SD Free Press: Are You Ready for the 2016 Political Shuffle in San Diego?Where the Dems are looking.


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