Politics Roundup for Friday, November 14, 2014

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The latest…

Rostra: Chula Vista City Council: John McCann still hanging on by 49 votes against Steve PadillaIs it over?

SDUT: South County candidates duke it out

Rostra’s Brian Brady: To Lorie Zapf: Individual Liberty Requires Cautious Government Oversight?

Fox 5: Carl DeMaio co-hosts local radio show

SDUT: Steve Greenhut: Losing candidate has some winning advice

Voice: San Diego’s Huge Water Deal Has Zero Enemies

Rostra: Court to force Gore’s hand on concealed carry

SDUT: Concealed carry ruling

SD Free Press: Are You Ready for the 2016 Political Shuffle in San Diego?Where the Dems are looking

Rostra: VIDEO: Assemblyman Brian Jones Reacts to Passage of Proposition 47Are you kidding me?

Rostra: From Fox 5: Councilman Ed Harris to run “against” someone name “Aktins”

FlashReport: Today’s Headlines from around the state

Voice: Morning Report for Today

Voice: Morning Report for Thursday

Scott Lewis tries to get to the bottom of the CA 52 muck…

Voice: What We Know About Scott Peters’ Role in the DeMaio Scandal


NBC 7: DeMaio Accuser Arrested, Suspected of Pushing Mom

SDUT: Former DeMaio aide Bosnich arrested

KPBS: Ex-DeMaio Aide Who Claimed Sexual Harassment Arrested

SDUT: The DeMaio break-in search warrants

OB Rag: Ed Harris to Run for Toni Atkins’ 78th Assembly Seat in 2016

SDUT: City coffers remained low for years

SDUT: San Diego City Council smart to end taxi monopoly

FlashReport: Vince Vasquez: California GOP Slate: Six Lessons from Election Day

FlashReport: Katy Grimes: CA Nurses Union Bullies Kaiser Nurses Into Strike

Voice: What Obama’s Inequity Nudge Means for San Diego Schools

Rostra: Vote count update: Monday night — CA 52 and a couple of close city contests in Imperial Beach and Oceanside

Times of San Diego: DeMaio Asks Supporters to Not Give Up on ‘Positive Change’

Times of San Diego: San Diego City Council OKs Recall Amendment

Voice: Is San Diego Screwing 172,000 Minimum Wage Workers? It’s Complicated.

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