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In more than one on-line source today I noted various individuals and entities soliciting contributions for Toys for Tots and other similar organizations.  Among them, Councilman Carl DeMaio, the San Diego Deputy Sheriffs’ Association, and a couple of area chambers of commerce.  There are undoubtedly many others as well, but that’s just those I noted today in passing. 

It reminded me first of the less than 37 days til Christmas.  Yet, more importantly, of my family’s many blessings and how my wife and I have tried to instill in our daughter a desire to give to others less fortunate, especially during the holidays.  I am proud when I hear my eight-year-old excitedly tell me of the help she wants to provide to other kids her age!

It also reminded me of a comment I noted on this blog about a week and a half ago, which I had meant to address at the time.  The commenter in essence was taking to task the San Diego Young Republicans for soliciting Toys for Tots funding, saying that the YRs had more important things to do; that they needed to be raising money for candidates.  There was something thrown in about there being too little to go around, and how a political organization soliciting for charitable efforts would be keeping their contributors from financially supporting Republican candidates as well.

I’m glad I was reminded today of the pure inanity and pettiness of the comment.  Many politicians as well as political and business organizations are on the Toys for Tots bandwagon, regardless of philosophy or party affiliation, just like they are annually.

They each have other irons in the fire — some of them seriously political — yet find the time to support a very worthy cause. 

They each solicit funds for their causes and political efforts, yet know that the heart of the average San Diegan (or even the average political donor) is not limited by a narrow-minded dictum that says support for one effort somehow precludes another. 

There isn’t a limited area pool of financial resources, from which we can’t ask for both political support and charitable contributions.  Even in a lean economy and in truly lean political times (as any candidate will tell you), people still give to causes that at their core — dare I say — are more worthy than politics. 

The limitation is only in the lack of asking.

Kudos to those political entities and individuals of all stripes that don’t limit themselves to politics alone.  And, congratulations to the Young Republicans for doing the right thing, in more ways than simply one.


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