Pension Millionaire Marty Block Lies about Receiving Taxpayer Funded Pension

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SAN DIEGO, CA – Assemblyman Marty Block told voters at a community coffee that he does not receive a taxpayer funded pension.

However, as the San Diego Union Tribune has reported, this is not true.

According to U-T San Diego, Assemblyman Block currently receives a $49,116 a year taxpayer funded pension (Source: UT San Diego), as well as an estimated $115,291 a year taxpayer funded salary and per diem as a member of the California State Assembly (Source: CA State Assembly). Assemblyman Block has been receiving his pension since 2005.

According to the Union Tribune, Marty Block will be a pension millionaire.  Assemblyman Block will receive a $1,473,480 taxpayer funded pension [1].

When asked if he receives a taxpayer funded pension, Assemblyman Block told the audience at his community coffee, “No”. You can listen to the full audio here.  In fact Assemblyman Marty Block is caught saying, “I sometimes walk into a group and say, ‘You know, I’ll give you my pension.’  But there is no pension…”  For those who want Marty Block’s pension he has generously offered, please contact his office directly.



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