Over 3,000 at Senator Anderson East County Holiday Party

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by Guest Party-Goer Jordan Marks

Looking all around me I was literally lost in a sea of folks. That description is usually followed by, “I was at a palooza,” “a concert,” or “a street fair,” but for political nerds it was the Senator Joel Anderson Holiday party in El Cajon.

Hands down, the Anderson Party is the premiere holiday event in East County, with just about every elected official and community leader you’d ever want to meet, both Republicans and Democrats. There were literally over 3,000 folks there — amazing! The event has taken on a life of its own, with Anderson’s office staff is able to jam a 30,000 square foot car dealership — Toyota of El Cajon — with so many folks that I literally lost my wife. When I did the “party loop” I didn’t see the same person twice. In fact I missed two people I was supposed to meet. When’s the last time you can say that happened at an elected official’s holiday party? (Usually it’s twenty folks and you can’t avoid that one person.)

In my current position I do the “evening event circuit” and the only event I’ve seen that remotely came close to attendance and spirit (they had beer) was the SD Regional Chamber’s rebranding kickoff, probably about 1,500 attendees. No other event has 60 person tour buses shuttelling attendees from nearby parking lots to the party. Generally the only tour buses you see in East County are heading to the casinos.

The event, run by the Senator’s army of interns (must have been 80 or so staff/interns), showcased outstanding people and organizations in the district – Grossmont Union High School District ROP Culinary Students, the East County Youth Symphony, and San Diego Youth Choir, not to mention my favorite Eastbound Bar’s tasty sliders! Also, the kettle corn smell that hits you before you enter the front door!

Anderson’s legislative staff had a table to answer questions and receive ideas from constituents for the upcoming legislative session. Talk about really being the “representative” of East County. He throws a party to get your input. I personally can attest to some of those past ideas having become law! That is direct representation and added real substance to the community party!

I look forward to seeing how they are going to out do this year’s party in 2015. Maybe they can work on cutting down the photo line with Senator Anderson from a one hour wait to 20 minutes. Yes, folks waited over an hour (me) to get a picture.

See you next year — if I can find you!


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