Our “Photo Finish” Election Races in San Diego County — Update

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Who   won   it
And down the Stretch they come !

The Registrar just posted an update, with 10,000 late
mail ballots. Here is how they changed some VERY
CLOSE races. There are 150,000 votes left to tabulate
countywide , so all these races will fluctuate !

San Diego School Board – District B
Businessman Steve Rosen increased his lead over
incumbent Katherine Nakamura from 59 votes on
Tuesday night to 106 votes today (8,146 to 8,040).
The survivor faces Kevin Beiser in the runoff.

State Senate – District 40
Mary Salas’ edge on Juan Vargas rose 19 votes in our county. The district also includes part of Riverside and all of Imperial County.

Chula Vista council and City Attorney
Patricia Aguilar leads Jill Galvez by seven votes for the 2nd runoff spot in District 2. The margin now is 4817 to 4810. That contest will not be settled until at least next week.

For city attorney, Glen Googins increased his lead by 77 votes against Robert Faigin. The totals are Googins 11,282 to Faigin 10,654.

Poway Recall Replacement
1st place John Mullin is now 110 votes ahead of Steve Vaus in the contest to succeed Betty Rexofrd. Mullin is at 2215 vs. Vaus on 2105.


Attention ! …. The Race Stewards are now examining the Photo. Please hold all tickets !


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  1. The Oceanside City Council race between Prosser and Lowery is separated by less than 140 votes as well!

  2. Thank you for the reminder.

    The margin in that race is now just 118 votes:
    (Chas. Lowery 7563, Lloyd Prosser 7445).

    There are about 9,000 votes still to count in
    Oceanside, so that race could still flip.

  3. Jim says above 9,000 left to count in O’side.

    Anybody know how many left to count in Poway? Guessing about 3,500 but maybe someone knows better.

  4. Poway makes up about 2.4% of votes tabulated
    countywide. There are 147,000 left to count.

    That does indeed work out to approximately
    3500 Poway ballots still to go.

  5. nehrings race to central committee is listed on the registrars website as a 1% difference. nail biter?

  6. Yes, with probably 30,000 votes to count in an Assembly District, that could flip, maybe not. Either way it is of no consequence other than to the person trailing Nehring, Greg Stephens. You don’t need to be on county central committee to be a CRP member.

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