One of the Public Information Requests on Emerald Activity Back?

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At breakfast Friday morning (Hob Nob Hill, of course) guess who I ran into? A few of our local ‘Emerald Investigators’ pouring over some of the copious material garnered from the public information request generated from this blog a few months ago. They showed me two interesting lines of investigation, totally unrelated, that I imagine will be worth reporting on.


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    So what is the process for having an outside source then recomb the officials records? A few of us were sitting around tonight, and if this is done on the ‘honor’ system well we have some issues.

  2. This is an excellent question.

    Does anyone know the answer: I don’t.

    Will you publish what was found Mr. Murphy?

  3. Me hears that dear Marti didn’t have aaaannny govt records of who attended her Advisory Council meeting. How odd.

    And me hears that in all the papers a new path may have been found that is much, much, much worse.

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