It’s Living Proof- We Need More Young Conservatives!

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I just recently found out that I won an essay contest from the Conservative Agenda Project (CAP), which I discovered from The California Review editor Alec Weisman  from a Collegiate Network editor’s conference. Originally, the contest was to have 25-35 winners to make up a book on how young conservatives talk to their peers about conservatism. Unfortunately, there were only six winners (although, I must add I’m fortunate to have won), including myself, and the book won’t be published as a result.

It is rather disappointing that more young conservatives were not curious or adamant about educating their peers about the wonders and virtues of conservatism. I feel that it is vital for people to understand how the Conservative Movement works and the wonderful things that it brings to its followers. I am confident that a conservative and Republican resurgence is imminent, but through this example, I would like to not vie for the worst and say that my peers have not done enough to affect the course of affairs.

Liberalism predates the scene, but we conservatives can do all within our power to kill it and prevent its deadly course from further wreaking mayhem on our nation. Start a campaign, be vocal, create an event, invite a speaker, attend a conference, write essays or articles, and be wise!


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