November May Be Sweet, But I wouldn’t Count On It.

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Well, they did it. They passed this monster health care bill, knowing full well that the high majority of Americans do not want anything to do with it. Speaker-of-The House, Nancy Pelosi lied through her teeth, claiming it was done “for the American people.”

Conservatives are consoling themselves with the momentum of the Tea Parties, Town Hall meetings and recent elections such as Virginia, New Jersey, and Massachusetts. They are assuming that come November, we will hold these anti-constitutional criminals responsible by re-taking the House and the Senate.

With all my heart, I hope they’re right. But I wouldn’t count on it. I don’t mean to be pessimistic. I mean to say, “Let’s not relax. There are major hurdles ahead for us.”

One such challenge could be the Tea Party Movement itself. Don’t get me wrong.  I love the Tea Parties. I’ve been to a Tea Party. But I’m concerned with all the talk about the Tea Party becoming a third party. We probably do need a third party somewhere in on the horizon. I too, am frustrated with Republicans who campaign as Conservatives and then govern by “reaching across the isle” in the hopes that dying newspapers like the New York Times might praise them by calling them “moderate.” On the other hand, a third party right now would only repeat the Ross Perot phenomenon. It would split the vote and keep Democrats in power. If we want to build a third party, (and I think we should) there is a wiser, more realistic way of going about it, namely organizing a party that holds Republican candidates to the fire. Meanwhile, we build. We build our membership. We grow ourselves financially. And then, if years down the road, Republican leaders  offer repeat performances of their cowardly watered down worthlessness, we can retire them, just as the Whig Party was once retired. But we are not there yet. We must be politically savvy because I guarantee, the opposition has such pragmatism down to a fine art. We do not need to imitate their down right crookedness. But we could learn some things from their cleverness.

Enough about the hurdles from our own base. I am far more troubled by the cards Obama may have up his sleeve. I do not believe it is a coincidence that his next big project will be “immigration reform.”  If that translates into making citizens out of billions of illegal aliens, the Democrats have created quite a voting block.

Also, in the midst of all this talk about health care, we have forgotten other poison darts sneaking across the castle wall, such as a proposed new FCC regulation, sponsored by “Diversity Czar” Mark Lloyd which would basically become the Fairness Doctrine, even though Obama will be smart enough not to call it the Fairness Doctrine. Make no mistake, this congress and this president hold Talk Radio and the conservative wing of the internet responsible for the public outcry against health care “reform.” If our freedom of speech is stifled right around the same time that brand new citizens choose to reward those who passed out the goodies, we might have a tougher time in November than we thought, even if we avoid splitting our movement.

Finally, let us not forget that most of those horrible aspects of the health care bill will not kick in right away. What will go into effect immediately is a new regulation forbidding insurance companies from refusing people with preexisting conditions. Even though many Republicans and other Conservatives were also in favor of that particular feature, the Democrats will not spin it that way. Neither will the Liberal press. I can just hear them now, talking about those nasty Republicans who want to take your health care away. They’ll even throw in a story about little Petunia who never had health care before.  People have short memories. By November, they might have forgotten all the bribes which led to sweetheart deals.  They might have forgotten that this new bill could bankrupt out country. They might have forgotten that we are on the road to a single payer system with rationing and euthanasia type decision making panels. All they’ll know are the immediate perks. As the old saying goes, “Once you feed a cat, you never lose it.” Initially, this health care thing might look good. After all, those fifteen-thousand new IRS agents breathing down our necks to see what kind of health care we purchase will not happen immediately. Instead, people who were not qualified to purchase insurance before, will now qualify. It’s like the old days when crooked companies got some dopey teen to join a record club.  For a while it’s great because he’s getting a new record every month. But eventually Dad gets the bill. Obama may just see to it that we don’t get the bill until after November.

My friends, let us try with all our strength to take back the House and the Senate. But do not presume upon it.  It is not guaranteed. Complacency is our greatest enemy right now. We have momentum and we are angry. Not all anger is wrong. There is such a thing as righteous anger. Let’s stay angry enough to cast every lying, venomous snake out of Washington. Meanwhile, as anger fuels the energy, our thinking heads should remain squarely on our shoulders.

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  1. Wow Bob! Great points! Your right, I was one who thought we would not have to worry too much in November. That the democrats who voted for the health care would definitly be voted out. I do think once they pass a health care program we will have one in some form or another that we can’t get rid of. I do not think the tea parties are enough either, there is so much to fight and the time is really short. That was a great blog! Keep up the good work! You are and have opened up my eyes to see how critical things are.

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