Nathan Fletcher’s Misfire

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by Ryan Clumpner, Campaign Manager, Carl DeMaio for Mayor

If Nathan Fletcher has a problem with the abysmal scores he received from third party organizations, he should take up that dispute with them, not Carl DeMaio.  Fletcher’s scores:

Republican Liberty Caucus: 62% (most liberal Republican)

California Republican Assembly: 56% (most liberal Republican)

Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association: B (second most liberal Republican)

Capitol Resource Family Impact: 20% (most liberal Republican)


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  1. It’s interesting that Clumpner cites the exact things included in the anonymous mailer, even though they were not named or provided in Fletcher’s previous post.

  2. Maassive… probably because DeMaio may have been involved in the mailer, after all?

    So much for “manning up” to be Mayor. Imagine what kind of underhanded tactics he’ll employ as Mayor… scary.

  3. cross post – The DeMaio camp sends out a packet of information with Fletcher’s voting record and legislative scores from legitimate organizations. Fletcher considers this an underhanded attack?

    Sounds like Fletcher is upset with his record and trying to downplay his lack of Republican credentials to me.

  4. Maassive says – the information in the packet has been going around for several hours in republican circles. I’m sure DeMaio, Dumanis, and fletcher staff/supporters have seen it all.

  5. Maassive,

    As a renowned investigative journalist for a top notch publication I assume you understand the dynamics of a google search right?

    Because it’s like public knowledge…

  6. Shouldn’t you guys be out stealing signs? Oh, wait, that’s Carl DeMaio’s job:

    DeMaio’s team of kids are apparently looking for a way to make a name for themselves with a cheap tactic, just like their boss did in 2008.

    Oh, and calling out Fletcher as a Republican who gets things done for his district and is in tune with the views of average Republican voters in the City is hardly smart political strategy in SD. I guess that’s why the mailer was ‘anonymous’.

  7. I believe the majority of the public is tired of hyper-partisanship and litmus tests, I know the City of San Diego has more registered Democrats than Republicans, many of whom are not supportive of Bob Filner and I am convinced that Fletcher’s courage to vote his conscious and not simply kow tow to the party leaders makes him more, not less, electable. This is not the Republican Presidential Primary.

  8. Maassive – the fletcher post was previously emailed out to some folks. This information had been going around R circles for a while, including the news articles in the packet.

  9. Curious how Carl would have voted on all these bills… especially the ones the CRFI counts in it’s scorecard. You can google their scorecard if you like, it includes lots of words like “indoctrination” and other fun TOTALLY TOLERANT descriptors.

    It’s high time this party stopped trying to legislate what goes on in the privacy of people’s bedrooms. And you know what?? I’d bet dollars to donuts that DeMaio AND Dumanis agree with me, not to mention Mr. Fletcher.

    That’s why the fact that this was used as a line of attack from the DeMaio campaign is so ridiculous to me. Maybe this is why they get called out for being hypocritical so often…

  10. Bastinda – I was forwarded a copy, yes.

    Ayers – I think you’re missing something. Yes, the individual items are all already public. But the fact that those things were package together to be part of the mystery packet was not publicly known.

    Aynd – That also was on my mind. Either Clumpner was involved in the original mystery pack, or he’d obtained the mystery packet and decided to just publicize the same information. Either one is possible, sure.

    Vidosic – I too want to know how relevant the CRFI scorecard is considering the orientation of the other Republican candidates.

  11. Maassive – So basically all this outrageous package contained was Fletcher’s voting record?

  12. The package was essentially copies of the groups’ legislative scorecards with handwritten arrows and notes added to hi-lite Fletcher’s ranking on each.

  13. Maassive,

    Thanks for the note! Looking forward to your next investigative piece on republicans’ music listening habits.

    Groundbreaking stuff!

  14. I think that sharing voting records is all well and good but we need to keep it above board. Send it out from the campaign and own it. Don’t hide behind cloak and dagger secrecy stuff. I am all for sharing information but be proud of your work. Be truthful and honest and show your work. Save the cover of darkness stuff for the other party.

    Before impeaching Fletcher’s record for getting things done, lets know there is no way to compare apples to apples between a member of the Assembly and a City Council Member.

    That being said, faced with the same issues to vote on…would any of the Republican candidates have voted any different? Would Carl have a similar rating as an Assembly Member? How about Bonnie? Wonder what either of their rankings would be in the same 3rd Party Rankings.

    Nathan is proud of his record and I am proud to stand with him. His record is outstanding and I find nothing wrong with bipartisan efforts to fix California and to help San Diego. Even Ronald Reagan once said that if we agree on 80% of something shouldn’t we do it?

    Why can’t we have a CLEAN fight that ends with Filner playing golf?

    *For Disclosure/I am the President of Log Cabin Republicans San Diego and we did endorse Nathan Fletcher for Mayor.

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