Naomi Bar-Lev Considering a Run in AD 76

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After prior posts on the Dem matchup between Toni Atkins and Brittany Catton, a possible Republican candidate finally communicates with SD Rostra.  (Previous and assumed-again candidate Ralph Denney has not responded to requests from us on his candidacy.)

From the fledgling Naomi Bar-Lev campaign…

Naomi Bar-Lev
Miss Naomi Bar-Lev is a homegrown San Diegan. She is also a graduate of U.C.L.A. with a degree in Economics (1993) and has attended the M.B.A. program locally at San Diego State University. She has had her own company since 1996. Through her company she has been involved in restoration of a number of properties in the district. As a small business owner graduated from one of the finest schools in economics, she is keenly aware of the problems facing small business owners.

“The dwindling jobs in the private sector CREATE the greatest threat to our state,” Bar-Lev told SD Rostra.  “Confronting this problem by easing  the burdens imposed by the legislature on our businesses will allow for a larger tax base. Increasing revenue is but  only half of the solution. Cutting spending is just as necessary. This is something that is alien to the career politicians. The revolving door of politics has caused tremendous growth in spending.”

One of Bar-Lev’s ideas for cutting back spending and curtailing government growth is the part time legislature. As the candidate on the Republican ticket Naomi Bar-Lev would also have name recognition from her recent run for congress.

Due to the financial stress of this economy she needs a combination of 1500 signatures and/or an additional $950 to file as a candidate. There is limited time and the petitions for signatures will be left outside her  downtown home for pick up.  Contact Naomi at (619)-887-7158  for address and/or to donate towards her campaign.