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I would like to say “Thank you” to the operators and contributors of SD Rostra.

Throughout the recent election, SD Rostra became a reliable source of information and debate.  I have to admit that I had my doubts about the quality of both (information and debate) based on prior experiences with other political blogs.  SD Rostra has done a great job of maintaining the highest quality of both.  I sincerely appreciate the spirited dialogue that vetted out different candidates and issues.

I also have to give a special thanks to “Thor’s Assistant” (whoever you are) – thank you for your excellent monitoring skills and gracious manner in keeping the dialogue on the issues and not personal attacks, based on truth and not speculation or gossip, and filled with intelligent discussion and not mindless drivel.  I don’t know how you have enough time to keep track of everything, but you did a great job.

To all of you that care enough to be involved, to write, to debate, to read and to think – THANK YOU!

To all of you that care about the future of our communities, our State and our Nation – THANK YOU!

To all of you that care enough to support a candidate (or be a candidate), an issue and took the time to vote – THANK YOU!

Thank you for being a part of what makes San Diego, California, and America GREAT!

Brian Jones


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  1. Thanks, Brian, wow! That is truly appreciated! We look forward to your continued contributions to SD Rostra, including after your November victory and swearing in as a Member of the State Assembly.

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