Mayoral Candidates: Why Wait?

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Dear Mayoral Candidates,

After a month of hard work the first reporting period has come to a close. Each of you know exactly how much you have raised. Sure the paperwork might not be submitted or even completed, but you know the number. So don’t make us wait a month, share with the rest of us. Each of you has access to post on Rostra, so let’s see some numbers! If you don’t want to post without the others, maybe just e-mail Barry Jantz how much you raised and how much cash-on-hand you have by July 4th and when he gets all three he’ll post all three. If anyone holds out he holds onto the numbers, but releases the name of the candidate(s) who spoiled our fun.


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  1. Gee, thanks for sucking me into this. But, I’ll bite…I would agree to only release the numbers if and when I had them all. But, why not Filner too?

  2. Rumors abound. Numbers being kicked around by respective campaigns include Fletcher’s $200k; Carl’s near $100k; and Dumanis just breaking $50k. Why bring up Filner? Did he even fundraise? Let’s say Bob brings up the rear under $10k.

  3. I think Filner chose not to compete in June (which was a smart move, considering that he has less to prove than the Republicans in their crowded primary field).

  4. DONT BE SILLY……….bring up the rear………its summer, why work…..put up yard signs and swill cerveza………….

  5. Welcome to the SD Rostra “Spin Room” where the two
    Goals of the on-going political Game are as follows:

    * …. .MINIMZE expectations for *YOUR* canditate.
    *…….MAXIMIZE expectations for THEIR candidate

    Bonus points to whoever is first to claim that campaign
    donations prove Grassroots support.

  6. Filner’s campaign will likely largely consist of IE expenditures by the labor unions, with help from DC special interests that owe him for his long and faithful service. Trial lawyers, for instance.

    Not that Filner won’t have a funded campaign — it’s just that at $500 a pop max contribution, the big money will have to use the IE approach.

    In short, Filner doesn’t need to do much fundraising personally — his minions can handle that matter for him.

  7. As if we need verification of the blatant liberal bias of our local KPBS station — look at the “guests” on this show (typical — not an exception). Two established hard core progressives and a doubtless liberal “education reporter.”

    BTW, what the hell does an “education reporter” have to do with the city mayor’s race? Many laymen think that the city is somehow responsible for the schools, but the career political crew at KPBS knows better.

    I might add that in over 30 years of interacting with the press, I’ve NEVER met a politically neutral “education reporter,” let alone one that leans towards school choice, ending tenure, or other conservative reforms. It’s my “conjecture” that reporters who seek this beat naturally come from the solid left. Conservatives don’t want this job, which is too darn bad.

    BOTTOM LINE: Any conservative, libertarian, or independent who gives a dime to “public broadcasting” needs shock therapy. Preferably 220 volt.

  8. Another puzzler — this is the KPBS “Editors Roundtable” — why is the KPBS “education reporter” considered an editor? Is she viewed has having editorial discretion in the production of her reports — which indeed are more editorials than news stories?

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