Mayor Kevin Faulconer statement on meeting with Dean Spanos

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“Like thousands of San Diegans, I want the Chargers to stay in our city for generations to come. Today I met with Chargers Chairman Dean Spanos to discuss how we can both work together in good faith to keep the team in San Diego.

“If San Diego is going to be successful in finding a stadium solution for the Chargers, Aztecs, the Holiday and Poinsettia Bowl games, and the many other events that we host in San Diego, the team should work with us toward that solution.

“The best chance San Diego has for developing a viable stadium plan is for the Citizens’ Stadium Advisory Group to complete its work in an expedited timetable so that a final recommendation can be presented to the Chargers and San Diegans within the next three months. Mr. Spanos agreed and pledged to work collaboratively with the Citizens’ Stadium Advisory Group as they complete their analysis and recommend a stadium location and financing plan.

“I explained to Mr. Spanos that we are going to work to keep the team here but I will never support a deal that San Diego can’t afford. We will continue to work to produce a viable stadium plan that is fair for San Diegans, protects taxpayers and can be approved by the voters.

“The stadium advisory group has agreed to speed up its efforts and will release a work product in the next 90 days. I look forward to sharing the plan with the public and the Chargers at that time.”


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  1. Here is the deal. The Chargers know they will never get a deal in San Diego that is on par with other stadium deals in the NFL. Thus, they are moving to Carson. However, in an effort to mollify their San Diego fan base, they will blame “the politicians” in San Diego for the move. So buckle up Mayor Faulconer, Fabiani is going to blame you and every other elected official in San Diego (whether it’s your fault or not) for their move. Nothing personal, it’s just business.

  2. Dear T.A. and Mayor Faulconer, et al,

    The Q sits on a huge city owned campus with the largest flat asphalt parking lot west of the Mississippi river. One obvious solution, and one which I believe was floated previously, would be to build a modern “state of the art” stadium on the current campus, along with a new community of medium to high density mixed use / residential / professional / office / and retail structures, along with a parking structure(s). The non-Stadium stuff adds to the bondable value to pay for the stadium. Perhaps the new non-stadium construction can have a land-lease to make said bond payments?

    The site is just off the I-15 and is already served by buses and trolley.

    Is this being discussed and considered? I hope so.

  3. Largest flat parking lot west of the Mississippi is Auto club Speedway in Fontana. 33,000 parking spots. Also, it is not sitting on a toxic waste site like the “Q”. Roger Penske built it with minimal help from the city of Fontana.
    Ask him how to put together a deal like that.

  4. Mr. Schwartz,
    I apologize for failing to use a qualifier. I should’ve pointed out it’s “one of the largest”…

    Also, the “sitting on a toxic waste site” argument has always amused me. It basically means leave everything as is, including the toxic waste, the lack of economic vitality, and oldy-moldy stadium, and there’s no problem, you’re grandfathered in. Attempt to improve the site and you’ll be held to an underground level of mitigation that’s impossible to handle.

    That’ll move things forward…

  5. I always figured that Faulconer would go down in history as the mayor that nobody remembered, but served between the pervert and the one who actually accomplished something. Looks like I was wrong, he’ll be the one who is remembered for (pun intended) fumbling the football. If the Chargers end up of leaving (which I actually doubt), sending his political consultant to the citizens meeting will be to Faulconer what falling off the stage was to Bob Dole.

  6. I thought it noteworthy that the Mayor and Spanos met at Petco. That Spanos is shrewd using the guilt trip card. As Spanos might have said, “See Mr. Mayor, this is what I want, but in a football stadium”. Mr. Mayor, the City financed Petco but won’t do a thing for our beloved Chargers?”.

    The Task Force has 3 months to come up with a workable proposal. I like Jerome Stocks idea of building a new stadium next to the old stadium. A couple of new NFL stadiums have been built next to the old ones. It simplifies things a lot if they can get waivers for building on the this site. Is this idea unworkable?

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