Mary England’s take on her NO vote in Lemon Grove; GOP makes needed comparison to San Diego

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Following up on last night’s post noting that a sales tax increase will not be on the November ballot in Lemon Grove, the lone — but in this case all powerful — holdout provides her thoughts to SD Rostra.  From Councilmember Mary England:

“It is time that the people see that we are serious about structured reform at city hall.  I do not believe that it is appropriate to ask citizens to help with our problem before we have created a comprehensive plan to effectively and efficiently balance the budget by reducing our expenses and getting our payroll costs under control. We had a high of $4.59 million in our  reserves in 2007.  This past budget was balanced by the council majority making another raid on our precious reserves by taking $489,000 to balance our new
budget.  The business community came out and spoke and we need to listen to them.  On their backs we survive.  The biggest risk taker in Lemon Grove is the businessman who opens his door every day and never knows if anyone will come through his door or his cash register will ring. They are suffering in this down economy and cannot be ignored, they are the true spirit that our country was founded on.”

Also, from the Republican Party:


SAN DIEGO — Local Republican Party chairman Tony Krvaric today made the following statement concerning the defeat of a proposed measure to raise Lemon Grove’s sales tax going on the November ballot:

“Last night, taxpayers of Lemon Grove finally had someone stand up for them. Republican councilwoman Mary England stood her ground and cast the deciding vote to block a union-backed sales tax increase from going on the November ballot.

“This shows that one vote can make a difference. We are very proud of Mary for standing on principle and demanding that Lemon Grove live within its means – just like hard working residents do every day.

“Interestingly, all that’s needed for similar sanity to prevail in San Diego is for JUST ONE Democratic councilmember to side with taxpayers instead of labor union bosses at today’s city council meeting. Hope springs eternal.”


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