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Lemon Grove Sales Tax Increase fails to qualify for Ballot

Tuesday, August 3, 2010
posted by Vito Andolini

Three of four Lemon Grove councilmembers voted tonight to place a sales tax increase on the November ballot, but that wasn’t enough as Mary England single-handedly owned the power of veto.

In a city that requires four votes to qualify such a measure, Councilman Jerry Selby’s vacation absence couldn’t have come at a more intriguing time, thus resulting in only three of his colleagues in support.

So, unless Selby can get back to town in time for a special meeting, including proper Brown Act advance notification (mind you), and a resulting four person affirmative vote before the 5 p.m. deadline on Friday, it appears Councilmember England solely owns all the cards in this city.


2 Responses to “Lemon Grove Sales Tax Increase fails to qualify for Ballot”

  1. Quaker T.J. Zane says:

    Mary England rules! Go Momma!!

  2. Thor's Assistant Rostra Administrator (Thor's Assistant) says:

    See follow-up post…

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