Mark Powell on SD Unified’s Financial Plan, or lack thereof

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Mark Powell, November run-off election candidate for San Diego Unified School Board speaks out on the School District’s Financial Plan

Guest Commentary
by Mark Powell

Thanks to the great investigative reporting by Will Carless at the Voice of San Diego, “the cat is out of the bag” and the voters are clear that San Diego Unified School Board president John Evans, along with other board members, have cost San Diego tax payers $1.2 Billion Dollars in interest alone for a $164 Million Dollar Bond.

Now that Evans is running for reelection he is trying to cover his tracks. His’ proposed resolution is a day late and $1.2 billion dollars short. Evans’ own words expose the real reason he is about to put forward a resolution, because it is “In light of the recent focus on the use of CABs.”  If his intent was really not to use Capital Appreciation Bonds then he would have stated so when he voted to place the bond measure on the November ballot in the first place.

The CABs are now under public scrutiny, the voters are now aware, and Evans is doing damage control. Evans said, “I am putting forward a resolution that will clearly state that it is the intent of the Board that Proposition Z will not use Capital Appreciation Bonds.” This means that there are no guarantees that he will not use CABs to finance the new bond in the future. Evans and the other board members have already used CABs as a way to finance previous bonds.

John Evans’ poor decisions are going to result in increasing class size; widening the current achievement gap; raising student to teacher ratios, making the work environment for remaining teachers more difficult; and most importantly, making the learning environment for our children more challenging … he continues to demonstrate failed leadership and poor decisions.

Here are some 2008-2012 San Diego Unified School Board Highlights under the leadership of John Evans:

  • $1.2 billion in bond interest for the Prop S Bond
  • School year shortened by one week do to furlough days for the next two years
  • 14 additional furlough days if “both” November tax measures fail to pass
  • Teacher raises rescinded as the board promised more than they could deliver
  • Third year Program Improvement District under No Child Left Behind Law
  • Selling at a discount prime district owned real estate to pay for teacher salaries
  • $20 million in bond money given away for downtown library
  • No open and fair competition for construction jobs in new bond measure

…….It’s Time for Competent Leadership! Mark Powell, MA.Ed., Broker

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  1. I think the SDUSD school board members DO have a “financial plan.” The plan is to give everything possible to the district employees, and raise taxes every chance they get to partially make up the shortfall. And if they don’t get the taxes, the unions still get the loot. Kids be damned.

    After all, that’s why the labor unions spent hundreds of thousands getting these flunkies elected.

    Mission accomplished.

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