Lorena…err, umm…Tierra Gonzalez Maxes Out to Fletcher

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Tierra Gonzalez, daughter of Lorena Gonzalez, made a large contribution to self-proclaimed conservative Republican Nathan Fletcher.

The U-T San Diego describes Tierra as a “10th grader at Mission Bay High School, was among 250 students who walked out of the school to protest proposed teacher cuts in the San Diego Unifed School District on Friday, March 16, 2012. Tierra is the daughter of Lorena Gonzalez, the Secretary-Treasurer and CEO for the San Diego and Imperial Counties Labor Council.”

The questions that come to mind… is Tierra a pass-through for Lorena?, is Tierra supporting a conservative Republican?, or is Nathan less of a conservative Republican than he says?

According to the State of California…

A contribution made by a child under the age of 18 is presumed to be a contribution from his or her parent or guardian, unless the facts show otherwise, e.g., that the child actually chose to make the contribution.

All this while the (other) labor backed candidate, Bob Filner, can’t even keep his head above water fundraising wise…

UPDATE: Tierra Gonzalez tweeted at 5:00PM:

“I make my own money. Pay my own taxes. Make my own political decisions #TeamFletcher”

Good for her. How does listing her occupation as “student” and employer as “N/A” jibe with her making her own money. I assume she isn’t paid to go to school. Did Fletcher/Gonzalez misreport her contribution?


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  1. For once in my life I have nothing to say, so just picture me shaking my head and then a face-palm.

  2. Although I would prefer to handle the defiance of my daughter in private, I understand that she engaged in a very public display of independence. She is 16, and I ask that you slow down on suggesting she did anything in violation of campaign finance rules. She did not.

    Tierra has worked since age 8 in the entertainment industry, primarily as a print model. She continues to receive checks for her past work and is required to pay taxes, although she has not worked this year. She is a student.

    I do not agree with her political decision, but anyone who knows Tierra knows, she has her own mind. Attack me all you like, but don’t accuse her of things that aren’t true. Thank you.

  3. Although the posts here are chosen by — and the responsibility of — the individual authors, from a Rostra admin perspective, we would prefer we could all leave the politicians’ and activists’ kids out of the debate, if at all possible. It appears, however, this post was intended to take a stab at Fletcher, moreso than it was Lorena Gonzalez or her daughter. Of course, in so doing, Sunshine did drag a child into the discussion. Yet, a child making a political contribution that will be reported to the public, as well as one with a high profile mom, all of which is bound to get some attention. We’d be interested in what others have to say about using minor children in this manner. We’re all ears.

  4. I am proud of my country and the freedoms we enjoy. The 1st Amendment being among those protections I am glad there is no law restricting what strikes me as an incredibly poor display. Going after a 16-year old is just ugly and uncalled for. Whatever one may think of the political positions an adult takes, questioning a child’s integrity to make a cheap political point is just sad. I enjoy Rostra and have found most of the comments and posts to be made in the spirit of the site’s namesake. This was a very poor exception. We can barely get adults to participate in the political process, insulting children for doing so strikes me as remarkably counter productive and patently offensive.

  5. As one who has supported anonymity on Rostra, I do have to say this may be an example of the downside.

  6. Let me get this right…the daughter of a liberal labor leader made a campaign contribution to a republican candidate…and this is newsworthy (or post-worthy in this case)? Well welcome to America fellas. In case you haven’t noticed, sons and daughters part ways with their mothers and fathers on political issues and candidates everyday. To think this is worth posting, mentioning or using to insinuate some sort of misrepresentation on behalf of the parent, daughter or candidate is just asinine “sunshine.” And to think that another person commenting actually calls this (anonymous) post courageous? Courage is serving your country in some of the most violent and dangerous parts of the world. Courage is speaking out for those living in poverty and struggling to support their families. Courage might even be embodied in a young idealistic person who is willing to part ways with a parent to use her own hard-earned money to embrace the democratic process and support a candidate of her choosing. But let’s not get this twisted…there is nothing even slightly courageous about running an anonymous post about a 16 year old and her campaign contributions. I believe the correct term might be shameful, or spiteful, or inappropriate, or wrong…but certainly not courageous. Have a good night “Woodward…err, umm…Bernstein.” I’m sure your next Pulitzer is just around the corner.

  7. Oh, look, I have something to say.

    You know something is up when a passionate Fletcher supporter rushes to a young girls defense over what even her Mother describes as “a very public display of independence.”

    Then to bolster that impassioned plea for someone who has spent a long time in the public eye, one way or the other, is Jared Quient. known SD lib. Who’s latest tweet reads:

    “Almost half of @carldemaio’s campaign war chest originated with the taxpayer. talk about taxpayer funded gravy train.”

    Lorena’s daughter acted out, which is awesome, but let’s not act like it’s not fair game to discuss because “OMGFLETCHER.”

  8. TWM: This is, for me at least, not a Fletcher issue. I am open about my support, but would have reacted the same way had it been one of the others. The girl is a minor, and it wasn’t merely ‘discussed’ as you suggest. Attacking the integrity of a child to make a point goes well beyond mere discussion. It would be convenient to chalk my response up to just being a Fletcher supporter or Jared’s being liberal, but it isn’t terribly accurate. Some things are just in poor taste and inappropriate for civil society. This is one of them.

  9. Not appropriate. Daughters of politically involved people (not a public figure, just politically involved) deserve a degree of autonomy.

    I do think it is a nice testament to both Tierra’s independence (and Lorena’s parenting) that she wants to get engaged in the political process (and that she smartly decided that San Diego’s best future lies along a center-right path. 😉

  10. Post


    I thought about the girl’s age before posting, but here is the truth of the matter: Actions have consequences. Age isn’t an impenetrable shield.

    This girl can exercise her beliefs by walking out of her class or she can make a public political contribution, but what she cannot do is expect to be shielded from any criticism or, in this case, left out of the discussion if she takes those actions.

    Re-read the post, but this time don’t drink the kool-aid beforehand. The large majority of the post is excerpts from state law, a UT article, and twitter. There are about 3 lines of opinion, all of which are just questions.

    A 16 year old voluntarily chose to enter the political arena, people noticing and making observations like this are the result. As a minor she deserves certain protection not afforded to adults, which is why you’ve never seen any proactive posts or comments about a minor. This is reactive.

    Tierra made a public political contribution that might (devil’s advocate) be the deciding factor in who your city’s next Mayor is. Discussion about the reason behind that donation, process and impacts are all fair game. If Tierra is old enough to put my life in her hands when she is behind the wheel of a car then she is old enough to be the topic of discussion when she freely and publicly makes a political statement.

  11. Courageous? I’d say no, it’s simply anonymous. Part of my prior point is that sometimes anonymous bloggers are more willing to post provocative content when they know they won’t have to answer any criticism. A given, perhaps. Since, as TA says, “posts are the responsibility of the individual authors,” when bloggers post using their real names, any criticism can be directed to them and answered by them. Anonymous posts sometimes result in the Rostra admins having to try to answer for the content. Such is the reality, I guess. But, that said, it is good to see an anonymous blogger, instead of a “hit and run,” sticking around and providing his (her?) reasoning and a logic for making a post when criticism ensues.

  12. Her donation should be encouraged, not lambasted. This is a win for the Republican Party. Tony should be sending her flowers and a personal letter inviting her to join the Republican Party in two years.

    But of course we won’t do that. We’ll make a 16 year old girl defend herself for supporting a Republican candidate.

    Good call folks, no wonder we have like 30% Republican voter registration in California.

    *shakes head in disgust*

  13. After reading the article and the comments…it is hard not to notice that the only one attacking Tierra Gonzalez is Lorena Gonzalez.

  14. “I do not agree with her political decision, but anyone who knows Tierra knows, she has her own mind.”

    This is actually a trend and one I welcome. Young people today look at the failures of collectivism and wonder how they can make a change. An entire Republican Presidential campaign was built on the enthusiasm of young people’s push back at our generation’s irresponsible fiscal stewardship, move towards crony capitalism, and debt-financing of a welfare state.

    I dare go as far to say that as a young entrepreneur, who pays taxes and will eventually be hiring people, Tierra may see the folly which is “organized labor” and embrace a position which respects the individual and her rights, talents, and abilities.

    By supporting a Republican mayoral candidate, Tierra Gonzales is doing what her generation needs to do to survive (which is that which Mrs Gonzales laments; go against her parent’s political decisions). They should embrace liberty-centric candidates to restore our city, state, and country to its limited government roots.

    Bravo Tierra. Welcome to the taxpayer revolution.

  15. This is a BS post and I have long made my position known that anonymous blogging is BS too. I think it is great if young ppl want to get involved (even when it isn’t for my candidate) and dragging them into the press when they do is exactly the wrong thing to do.

    Further and while I am at it, I have on many occasions been accused of being this coward “Sunshine” since that is the name of my company. I do not ever post without my name and am never shy about saying something if I think it is worth my time.

  16. Chevy’s point is well taken. But, the use of the word “we” sounds like some GOP “brain trust” sat down and said, “Hey, let’s use Rostra to lambaste a 16-year-old girl for donating to a Republican” (which would be simply inane). It’s clear to me, though, had the donation been to another candidate (besides Filner), if there had been a resulting post it probably would have been by some other blogger. The point is that individual bloggers do have biases and agendas. Sunshine can speak to it, but a natural question is whether the agenda here was really more about the recipient of the donation than it was the donor. Jes’ askin.

  17. We won’t out anonymous bloggers, but we can say who they are not. Sunshine and Jen Jacobs are not one in the same, and Jen has never once posted here other than with her own name.

  18. This has all the hallmarks of Gerry Braun masquerading as “Sunshine”.

    (1) He uses false names on public forums like Twitter;
    (2) He is a faithful servant of Irwin Jacobs who supports Fletcher;
    (3) This was an opportunity he could not resist to promote Fletcher and score a hit on Labor;
    (4) He dare not use his real name on such issues as he is on the City payroll.

    SDRostra must know who their anonymous contributors are. They should therefore be in a position to assure me that I am wrong, that it is not Braun. I would love for them to post here that they know for certain that I am wrong. Their credibility is at stake.


    OUR credibility is at stake? NOT the commenter that makes an open-ended allegation, asking for proof of a negative? WE KNOW WITH CERTAINTY IT IS NOT GERRY BRAUN. We will not out a blogger, but we can truthfully say if it is not someone. It is NOT Braun. END of discussion – Admin.

  19. This was not broken by Sunshine, it was tweeted by the UT and other reporters and the donation was covered in the Voice of San Diego as well. The fact is it’s an interesting dynamic in this race.

    Lorena’s explanation makes sense and so does her daughter’s. I don’t find it outrageous that they needed to respond, it does warrant some explanation given Lorena is the biggest union boss in San Diego and on the surface it is slightly suspicious.

    If the roles were reversed and one of Tony Krvaric’s kids donated to Filner you better believe City Beat or the Reader (if not the UT and Voice) would take note and that would be fair too.

    How about we all just move on.

  20. Gerry Braun’s tweet from last night:

    To: @sandiegorostra — Republicans need to stop harassing Lorena Gonzalez’s family. Seriously.

    Yep, that sounds like someone who is posting here anonymously and then covering his tracks.

  21. When I say “we”, i mean the macro motion of our party in the state and region. Not referring to a specific group of people at the micro level. I love a good conspiracy theory but don’t think thats the case here at all.

  22. Yeah, this post is whack-a-doo. Rostra readers deserve a real story. I’d like to read more on Carl DeMaio threatening people — candidates and otherwise. When should we expect that, Sunshine?

  23. Post


    Trying my best to follow your lead, sticking to records and pictures from phones. Rostra offers a wide variety, I just followed up on what a UT reporter was asking about. I await the posts you’ll dive into.

  24. Sunshine posted about a reportable fact, but went over the top in implying unsavory conduct with weak evidence. But the contribution isn’t *that* unexpected. It’s not too surprising that people supporting labor unions would like to cultivate allies in both major parties. Supporting Fletcher (or Dumanis) makes perfect sense, since both of these candidates have made overtures to unions. Getting one of those into the runoff with Filner would be highly desirable.

    The only shocking thing would have been if Tierra had contributed to DeMaio. Then the domestic conversation would have been . . . interesting.

  25. Hi Sunshine,

    Only someone with muscle within the Republican Party would be extended the anonymous posting privileges and protection Rostra has extended to you. But you are not doing them any favors by taking advantage of that privilege on a silly matter.

    It would help us all who value Rostra’s credibility if you would just come clean. Surely the girlish whim of a 16 year old girl is not something to hide in the reeds about. What are you afraid of? As you said above, you “just followed up on what a UT reporter was asking about”. Nothing wrong with that. It’s not like you have accused anybody of anything. End this thing so we can all move on.

  26. Re: Pat’s “Only someone with muscle within the Republican Party would be extended the anonymous posting privileges and protection Rostra has extended to you”…

    Uhhh, well, no … the anonymous bloggers here are made of Republicans, Libertarians, and even one other, some of whom Tony Krvaric has likely never even heard of.

  27. To the person that just tried to post a comment…
    We also don’t allow commenters to out any anonymous bloggers or post statements alleging the identity of any anonymous blogger. That should be common sense.

  28. Like my niece, I also enjoy pissing off Lorena (at times). Also like my niece, I was naive in my youthful support for positions — in part — because my mother (and my sister) had staked out a claim to one side of the political aisle. I am confident, however, that Tierra is more politically savvy (and left-leaning) than just about any kid I know her age. Which from my perspective begs the real question: In this day and age, why wouldn’t “Sunshine” simply send Lorena an email and ask why her daughter is on record supporting Fletcher?

    Rather than cast aspersions, drag a minor through the muck, insinuate nefarious intentions — be a pseudo-journalist (borrowing from Tony’s vernacular), and simply ask a question before spouting off as though someone was violating campaign contribution laws? Lift a finger to find out some facts, it won’t kill you.

    Oh, and by the way, anonymous bloggers should be a little careful. Should you go so far as to allege someone has committed a crime, and they haven’t, you could find yourself on the wrong side of a very expensive defamation action…. not to mention that’s a rather easy way for someone with access to, say, free legal representation, to pierce your anonymity.

    Just sayin’…

  29. “Surely the girlish whim of a 16 year old girl is not something to hide in the reeds about.”

    Why must this young lady’s First Amendment right be reduced to a “girlish whim” ? She earned the money, she’s old enough to express her opinion through a contribution, and she chose a Republican over her family tradition. THAT is the real news which I think would be embraced by the majority of the readers here.

    I only have four words for Tierra: ” Freedom works. Welcome Aboard”

  30. Correction on my previous post — Tony Krvaric likes to call them “pretend journos”…

    Understand your concern, no attacks to anyone, just interesting. See my previous comment on here. No one did anything illegal or was being accused of it. Political activism is clearly in your DNA. Great, more power to you and Tierra, and every Gonzalez. Someone made a publicly disclosed donation and people, named and unnamed, are talking about it. The family name commands attention, congratulations. -sunshine.

  31. Oh no, Marco the lawyer! First he tried to take away our fireworks and now he’s trying to ruin one of the strongest pillars of the Internet…

    Anonymous blogging! I guess you and your friends can just get right on with taking down dirtydemaio.com, right?

    Well, to paraphrase one of America’s greatest Presidents; Thomas J. Whitmore (Iraq War, Air Combat Vet)…

    “Today will no longer be known as a Friday, but as the day the Internet declared in one voice: “We will not go quietly into the night!” We’re going to live on! We’re going to survive! Today we celebrate our Internet Independence Day!”

  32. I find myself uncharacteristically agreeing with both Jen Jacobs and Marco Gonzalez–and consequently suffering the concomitant self-doubt that necessarily accompanies this odd collision.

    Man up and attach a name. If it’s worth penning, it’s worth attribution.

    Get the facts before you write. Suffer the little children.

    Oh, and support Nathan Fletcher for Mayor. 😉

  33. Through the muck?

    Again, the only person I see criticizing, attacking, and marginalizing her is her mother.

  34. I just saw the ridiculous — and quickly refuted — post from Pat Flannery and, while I never feel obligated to respond to his allegations, I thought I might give Rostra readers some background on his curious obsession with me.

    Shortly after I went to work for Mayor Sanders in 2008, someone started an anonymous Twitter account called UndercoverGover, which commented on City Hall matters. Pat, for some reason, thought I was the responsible party, though I have never tweeted anonymously and did not even begin my eponymous account until late last year.

    Pat persists in this delusion to this day, despite the fact that:

    a) UndercoverGover frequently and sometimes vulgarly criticized the Mayor, who is my boss, a truly fine man and the Best Mayor Ever, and

    b) I phoned Pat one day and politely told him he was barking up the wrong tree.

    Alas, that phone call only stiffened Pat’s conviction, and ended with him proclaiming that my very denial was incontrovertible proof of his correctness. By his reckoning I was diabolical, but not so clever as to outsmart the master. Live and learn.

    As I say, I’ve never felt obligated to rebut Pat, who is the architect of his own irrelevance. But his fixation on me, not unlike some Republicans’ obsession with all things Gonzalez, shows that there are unhealthy emotions on both ends of the spectrum that should not be encouraged. This is the perfect opportunity for Rostra to end its practice of allowing anonymous postings and so help elevate the public debate. And Sunshine, like UndercoverGover, would do well to grow some balls.

    I might add that I hold no bitterness toward Pat. He puts his name to his beliefs, as do I. And unlike the Gonzalez family, I have never had a rock hurled through my window by a coward. For that I am truly grateful.

    Now let’s all enjoy the weekend.

  35. Why is reporting a contribution that the LAW REQUIRES be public somehow become some sort of attack on or “outing” of the contributor — child or not?

    And who gets the “credit” for a child’s contribution? It’s an interesting point.

    If for instance my wife and I gave maximum money to Carl’s campaign and then had a minor child also contribute, is that a campaign violation? Apparently yes, IF I provided the money, or somehow “persuaded” my child to contribute. What a messy can of worms that is!

    And does ANYONE for a moment doubt that CITYBEAT OB Rag, ET AL would be all over me and my kid in such circumstance?

    Granted, it’s not likely that Lorena has maxed out a contribution to Fletcher, but under this “law” (IF that’s what it says), if she gives ONE DOLLAR to Fletcher, that might be a campaign contribution violation if somehow it can be shown that she gave her daughter the money to contribute (good luck proving that!).

    BTW, I would prefer we ELIMINATE such contribution limitations. After all, there is no limit on what a labor union or business can spend in an IE campaign for or against a candidate. But that’s just my opinion.

  36. I thought the point of the posting was the RECIPIENT of the gift rather than the donor. At least it was for me.

    Liberal Democrats (including underage Democrats) gifting significant money to Republican candidates would seem to be newsworthy — perhaps telling us what to expect from the candidate. Or, in this case, this might reflect the desperation of the left in trying to block the election of DeMaio.

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