Lollipops and Sharia Law

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Last Tuesday, the day after the local Republican Party endorsed Omar Qudrat for the 52nd Congressional seat (Scott Peters’ district), one of the other GOP candidates in the race, Dr. James Veltmeyer, sent out a press release that condemned the party for abandoning its core principles.

“I was told by several members that my support for our party’s platform in upholding traditional marriage may have doomed my candidacy. This is outrageous,” Veltmeyer said. “It appears as if there is no room at the inn for traditional conservatives who support President Trump at the San Diego County Republican Party.”

Famously, after the Republican Party endorsed Carl DeMaio for San Diego mayor over Nathan Fletcher and Bonnie Dumanis in 2012, Fletcher then abandoned the GOP. Reacting to Fletcher’s decision, Dumanis said, “I didn’t get the endorsement and I didn’t throw my lollipop in the sand.”

We’re very confident that Veltmeyer’s reaction to not getting endorsed by the GOP doesn’t rise to the level of Fletcher’s, but it does make us think of grainy lollipops as much as it does sour grapes.

Yet, the most intriguing part of Veltmeyer’s denouncement touched on something else:

“Veltmeyer said he was unjustly accused by Qudrat and his supporters of ‘spreading rumors’ that Qudrat supports Sharia Law. ‘Neither I nor any member of my campaign is discussing Mr. Qudrat’s religious views.'”

Yet, consider this Facebook post from Republican Central Committee member and SD Rostra writer Eric Andersen, the day following Veltmeyer’s press release:

Need some political entertainment?

This last weekend, within hours of my telling Congressional candidate Dr. Veltmeyer that I’d be endorsing Omar Qudrat, I receive a call from a well respected Christian Central Committee member, elected official and representative to the Veltmeyer campaign.

Member: “Did you know Omar supports Shariah Law? I’m prepared to openly expose this before the committee this evening. I’m supporting James (Veltmeyer).”

Me: “Have you met with Omar? Have you spoken with him?”

Member: “No. You know how many calls we get before the primary and I’m very busy buying a business.”

Me: “Well, I’ve spent quite a bit of time with him. My faith is very important to me and this is an important issue. I happen to know first hand that your statement is false. That type of comment isn’t appropriate for you and I.”

Member: “Well, I’m just sharing what I’m being told.”

Me: “Will you take a call from him?”

Member: “Yes. I will.”

After speaking with Omar, (Committee) member realizes his belief false and refrains from such while representing Veltmeyer before the Committee.

Woody Kirkman (Ramona Tea Party) then posts the following and tags me.

  • click for larger view

So welcome to the circus, the swamp and “fake news” from a group whose ideals I’d least expect this from.

Indeed. Regardless of which candidate you may be supporting in the 52nd, Rostra encourages you to at least take a look at Qudrat’s background. Either he’s an American, or he’s the ultimate Manchurian Candidate unlike anyone ever fictionalized.


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  1. Ah yes, the casual racism of pushing the “Sharia Law” narrative to the distinguished veteran and terrorism prosecutor because of his Muslim sounding name. The RPSDC isn’t unique in having racist fringe kooks among its membership (Sure, even Dems have this problem) but they should take the lead in driving them out.

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