Local Union Deceit and Lies in College Board Race

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Guest Column
by Michael Schwartz

On Wednesday I was amazed to find in my mailbox a hit piece on a good friend of mine, Orrin Kole.  Orrin is running for the Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District Board and has been working hard to get his name in front of voters to let them know how excited he is to help the East County community he loves by serving them.

Sadly, while Orrin has been active in the community talking to voters, Local 1931 union boss Jim Mahler has been spending huge amounts of money on mail pieces that flat out lie about Orrin.

The piece sent by the “American Federation of Teachers Grossmont Cuyamaca Community Colleges” makes three false claims: Orrin Kole is a Democrat, Orrin Kole is from out of state, and Orrin Kole was rejected by the Republican Party Central Committee.

The truth is that Orrin has never registered as a Democrat or any other party other than the Republican Party.  Orrin was “undeclared” for a number of years, but has always been conservative and is proud to be registered as a Republican because of his strong stance on fiscal responsibility, small government, and individual rights.

Orrin ran for and won a seat on the Republican Party Central committee in the 77th Assembly District in the June 2010 election.  The San Diego County Republican Central Committee endorsed Orrin in his campaign for Grossmont-Cuyamaca College Board.  In no way has the Republican Central Committee or any of its members “rejected” Orrin Kole.

Orrin has born, grew up, and lives in California.  He did live outside of California for a short time while he served honorably in the United States Army including a tour in Iraq.  After he left the military Orrin came home to live permanently in California.

Even odder than union-liar Jim Mahler’s hit piece is his support of Orrin’s opponent who is endorsed by the Democratic Party.  The piece authored by Jim Mahler first attacks Orrin by accusing him of being a Democrat, but it then asks you to vote for his opponent….a Democrat!

I called the Mission Valley office of the “American Federation of Teachers” and asked who I would speak to about the accuracy of their mail piece.  I was told that Jim Mahler authored and researched the information for this piece.  I was declined the opportunity to speak with Mr. Mahler on the phone or even set an appointment to see him in person.

I wish I could say it was rare to see unions use such tactics, but the fact is this lack of ethics has become all too common.  Unions, try telling the truth!  Voters, if you want better behavior in your elected officials who will stand up to dishonest unions, vote for Orrin Kole!


Editor’s note: The mail piece in question was mailed to Republican voters in a false attempt to have them believe Mr. Kole does not share their values.  For real info on Kole or to contact him, click here.


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  1. The party sent out a media advisory re: this earlier this week. Sadly no local media has picked up on this outrageous behavior by a local union boss – representing TEACHERS no less. Why won’t the media take Mr. Mahler to task? Here’s the info the party put out, which includes a PDF of the mailer and related information: http://eepurl.com/biipv

  2. Didn’t a big union thug show up to his house just hours after he picked up papers to run?

    This kind of behavior has to stop.

  3. Let me get this straight: you have two union-supported Democrats criticizing a life-long California Republican candidate for once being registered as a Democrat (by mistake and through no fault of his own) after serving his country in Iraq, which they contend is “out of state” residency? This is unbelievable! I hope the local GOP steps up to the plate to really help Orrin and let East County voters know these union thugs are trying to steal this election by deception and outright fraud. Sending out a press release is nice, but c’mon Tony! At the very least, somebody needs to send this item to Matt Drudge as an example of how desperate the Democrats have become.

  4. When I heard about the attack piece on Orrin, I was disappointed but, honestly, not surprised. Orrin and I are the two conservative, pro-family, anti-tax, Republican endorsed candidates against whom the American Federation of Teachers has decided to spend over $140,000 to defeat. There’s a certain expectation of dishonesty when dealing with most unions and political campaigns. Yet, as a former full time high school teacher and still currently credentialed high school social studies teacher, I was disappointed that teachers would support such blatant lies as were told by the AFT. If I were a faculty member at Grossmont or Cuyamaca, I would be so embarrassed at the behavior of my union. I wouldn’t let my children lie in this fashion and certainly would have a serious conversation with any student of mine who engaged in such dishonest communication. I truly hope that East County voters see this for what it is and realize that the teacher’s union is continuing their desperate attempt to take over the five member board and have total control of the District. If voters know this and know that it’s their agenda to put teachers before students and taxpayers and that it’s the union’s desire to raise taxes on East County taxpayers, then voters will most certainly support Orrin Kole and Leland R. Ping for the College Board. I invite readers to contact me at lelandrping@gmail.com and to visit my website at http://www.electping.com if they desire to get involved in this important campaign.

    Leland R. Ping
    Candidate for the Grossmont-Cuyamaca College Board

  5. The funny thing is the slogan for the AFT 1931 is “A Union of Professionals.” I have seen nothing professional since I decided to run for this office. Jim Mahler clearly does not know his audience. I will not back down one inch from his weak attempts to threaten myself or anyone else. He may be able to bully his way around San Diego City College, but not over here, and certainly not with me. I hear San Diego City Beat will be writing a story on his lies.
    More information on me:www.evoter.com

    Orrin Kole
    Candidate for the Grossmont-Cuyamaca College Board

  6. CityBeat has picked up on the union-backed, unsuccessful attempt to assassinate the character of Orrin Kole:

    “Shortly after Republican Orrin Kole announced his candidacy for the Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District Board, the corrections officer received a letter from James Mahler, president of the district’s American Federation of Teachers branch. First reported by the San Diego Union-Tribune, the correspondence gave Kole three days to respond to a variety of alleged “transgressions”—including NRA membership and home foreclosures—or else they would assume the information was OK to share with voters. The union supports Kole’s opponents, Edwin Hiel and Debbie Justeson On Oct. 12, Mahler made good on his threat, sending out a mailer that included two baseless attacks. First, it said Kole was rejected by Republican voters when he was on the June ballot for the local party’s central committee. Nope, he starts his term in December. Second, it claimed three times that he’s from out-of-state. Kole says he was born in Orange County.

    Mahler does not dispute that Kole was born in California, but he tells CityBeat the candidate lived in Arizona for a “significant period of time.” Kole says that’s also false, however; he had his mail sent to his father’s address in Arizona when he was serving with the military in Iraq.

    We issue the union enough poop to fill the carpetbag it tried to hand Kole.”


  7. Thank you for posting that.

    Regarding Tony Krvaric’s comment; His complaint that no one in the press jumped on it is inaccurate. He sent out his advisory on October 13, which is a Wednesday, and we immediately started looking into it. We got it into our next issue, which was on October 20.

  8. Thanks CityBeat for the article, and Faith for posting it. We will continue to EXPOSE THIS FRAUD JIM MAHLER at every turn!

  9. We have a chance to vote for an NRA member military vet AND help squash some union hack at the same time? I cannot wait to fill in the box on my ballot for this guy! Good luck, Orrin Kole!

  10. Unions are filthy, dirty political machines masquerading as champions of the working class. They are the purest form of communism, where the only incentive is to exploit policy and do the bare minimum. You know the pay difference between the laziest union employee and the hardest working, assuming same time of employment and position? Yup, $0.00. Ironically, the same amount of stimulus money I have received.

  11. Hi, Rostra!

    If you look at union backed candidate Edwin Hiel he is endorsed by the San Diego Democratic Party and was in the Peace Corp according to his ballot statement. Who is the real Democrat from out of state?

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