Link to “Arizona Star” newspaper….. UPDATE: Surgeon confirms Giffords alive & responding to Doctors!

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Here are links to the hometown newspaper of Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, victim of a cowardly attack today in Tucson.  They have reporters swarming over the story in their own backyard

UPDATE (2:20 pm)….A surgeon treating Rep. Giffords  confirms she is alive and responding to her doctors.  Hospital spokesman says they are “optimistic” for her survival.  Additional prayers for Rep. Gifford’s recovery are encouraged.

………………………………. THOUGHTS  ON  THE  ASSAULT

First, prayers for recovery of the Congresswoman and others wounded today are very much in order.

Second, we can hope that when the grievance/drug addiction/mental illness of the coward who did this is learned,  the MSM will not draw wide conclusions about the state of our society. This appears to be the act of one deranged, evil man, and he is solely responsible for it.

If the attacker proves to have any connection to conservative causes, you can count on finger-pointing at Rush Limbaugh/Sean Hannity/Sarah Palin as somehow being responsible and creating an atmosphere giving,  ‘permission’ to lunatic attacks.   Should the criminal have any connection to the Mideast, on the other hand, the same MSM talking heads will be muted in discussing the broader implications.

Every responsible conservative and libertarian condemns this event and is sickened by it. We pray Rep. Giffords will survive and resume the Congressional seat to which she was just re-elected. May God bless her.


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