Lightner Takes Credit for Repaving Her Street

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From San Diego County Voters for Progress & Reform:

“I have fought to … resurface more than 25 miles of roads and fill thousands of potholes in District One,” Sherri Lightner tells voters on her campaign website.

That’s interesting because Rachel Laing, the former press aide to Mayor Jerry Sanders and a Lightner supporter, argues that’s not true.

The “mayor (staff) sets road-paving schedule,” Laing tweeted.

So which is it? Does the council have any say over repaving decisions? If not, why does Sherri Lightner take credit for the repaving work, which includes the street she lives on?

Laing’s husband, Greg Block, didn’t like the 30-second ad that mentions Lightner and the credit she takes for road work.

“You are despite and deceitful. Really sad state of affairs. Shame on you!” Block tweeted in response to a tweet from the Lincoln Club. Block added: “If my finger was working properly that would have said desperate. You are desperate and shady.”

Here is the ad:


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  1. Advocating for more resurfacing in one’s district does not mean one has control over the schedule. This does not strike me as a particularly complex concept, but your inability to make sense of it seems to indicate otherwise.

    City staff, which is under the mayor’s line of power, sets the repaving schedule. In the case of Councilmember Lightner’s street resurfacing, she happens to live on a major thoroughfare, and the 90-year-old sewer line running under it needed to be replaced.

    I recall when I was at the mayor’s office that a news organization was following a lead that the mayor had orchestrated the repaving of his own street, when in fact the public utilities department was replacing a sewer line that happened to go through the mayor’s neighborhood. The news organization abandoned that story when they realized how ridiculous it was to make that connection.

    But by your own logic, Mayor Sanders — who was responsible for the largest resurfacing project in the city’s history — was self-dealing.

    Wow. Just can’t believe you’d make that accusation against the mayor.

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