League of Women Voters refused to publicly condemn Filthy Filner

Richard Rider, Chairman, San Diego Tax Fighters Undesignated 2 Comments


In San Diego, the story is that everyone called for Mayor Filner to resign — except the labor unions who paid big bucks to put “their man” in office.

But apparently there’s one other group that refused to call for his resignation — a “nonpartisan,” supposedly politically unbiased outfit — the San Diego League of Women Voters!

I’m getting several reports that a heretic LWV member formally called on the League to join the calls for Filner’s resignation, but was told to take her recommendation to “a women’s group.” The LWV would not even vote on it.

The League lamely claimed that to do so would violate their technically nonpartisan stance, but more Democrats than Republicans were at the time calling for Filner to resign from his nonpartisan office. It was a LWV cop-out, which was particularly galling since the League is currently pushing to further raise the issue of sexual harassment and rape on college campuses and in the military. But not in city hall when their guy is in charge, apparently.

I’ve always said that the LWV — a hard-left outfit masquerading as a “good government” advocate — should rename itself the LSWV — the League of Socialist Women Voters. But now I would suggest they further simplify their name to the League of Socialist Voters — LSV. Drop the sexist “Women” thingy.

If they find such truth-in-advertising offensive, they have my permission to use the “League of Progressive Voters” — that sounds SOOOO much better.

BTW, I don’t think the LWV has EVER opposed a tax increase — it’s likely that they’ve supported each and every such proposal. And almost all state and local bonds as well.

In the 30 plus years I was involved in writing ballot arguments opposing tax and bond propositions, I don’t recall ever once being contacted by the LWV to ask for “our side” in such matters, prior to the LWV determining their official positions (widely published). They “researched” it themselves — which apparently meant contacting the people pushing for higher taxes and debt, and asking them for guidance.

Is the LWV biased? Ya think???!!


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  1. The League of Women Voters is incredibly liberal. Our candidates will not attend their forums or answer their surveys. That’s a policy going on 10 years. They are simply not nonpartisan.

  2. The LWV opposed the March 2, 2004 – Proposition C. Emergency Services, Roads, Parks, Tourism and other Specified Uses Ordinance to increase TOT for special interests.


    “Shall the City increase the transient occupancy tax (TOT) paid by hotel and motel visitors by 2.5%, and shall these funds, along with some current TOT funds, be earmarked to fund Fire-Rescue and Police emergency services, equipment and facilities; road improvements; park and coastal improvements; tourism promotion; and library and arts programs; and shall public audits be conducted of the uses of these funds?”

    The March 2, 2004 Proposition C required 2/3 voter approval to increase the TOT by 2.5 percent, for a total TOT rate of 13 percent. The Ballot measure failed with 152,207 votes (61.76%) Yes, and
    94,140 votes (38.24%) No. The funds from Proposition C would have mainly gone to ConVis administration and Public Safety pensions including Fire-Rescue and Police emergency services, and not necessarily for visitor-serving projects or the City of San Diego’s General Fund.

    Proponents of the March 2, 2004 Proposition C included the San Diego Lodging Industry Association, San Diego City Firefighters, and the San Diego Police Officer Association.

    Opponents of Proposition C included Richard Rider, J. Bruce Henderson, Norma Damashek, and the San Diego Union Tribune Editorial page.

    No on San Diego’s Proposition C

    Measure does not help solve city’s problems

    By Norma Damashek and Catherine Stoll
    February 20, 2004


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