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Now that powerhouses Lorena Gonzalez and Todd Gloria have joined the clamoring din of those urging Bob Filner to resign, who will be the last holdout? Will anyone of prominence end up not joining in?

Make your selection and tell us why…

Marti Emerald

Sherri Lightner

Myrtle Cole

What about Scott Peters?



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  1. I’d say Emerald. She has already made her stupid “courage” comment. And she’ll use the same justification as the crazies still defending Filner use (see the various reader postings on UT and Voice for examples).

    The rest of them have cover — using their fellow Democrats such as Frye, Marco & Lorena, Todd Gloria to hide behind.

    Lightner is independent enough not to worry about it. She’s already gone against labor and survived. Filner, right now, is much easier.

    Cole is a labor lackey. She can use Lorena as her cover.

  2. I guess I’m not supposed to say this (a fine example of why I’m not a good candidate for any public office):

    I hope everyone else of my persuasion is enjoying this three ring circus as much as I am. VERY serious issues, but the blustering, posturing, apologizing, rationalizing, agonizing and ostracizing are just great theatre.

  3. Great theater indeed. Even an opportunity for some justify gloating and a few “I told you so’s.”

    I do think, however, that the celebration will be short- lived as the realization that a Democratic Mayor who had no hope of higher office and in fact probably would not have even run for re-election will be replaced by another Democrat with much more future potential. And just think, handled differently, he would have still been a Republican.

  4. According to story on 10 News now (11pm), David Alvarez met with Filner earlier today and told him to resign. He then left that meeting and filed a report with the City’s HR Dept. Is this report enough to get an official investigation into the charges underway?

  5. Yes, Alvarez yesterday evening said he is urging resignation, after receiving other reports of harassment and meeting with Filner.

  6. Hypo q.

    That Democrat politician would offer no more trustworthy standards by which to depend on him than those he offered his previous Republican or Independent supporters. He is the same “Serve thy self” politician he has always been. Your kind of guy, huh.

  7. Switching political parties is the new standard by which we measure trustworthiness? Are you sure you want to go there?

  8. Hypo q.

    That Democrat politician could just as easily switch back to Independent because “Serve thy self” politicians could care less. They are always looking for the best position from which they can flim flam the booboosie. Have you Filnercrats learned nothing? Oh, how oxymoronic of me.

  9. Mole,

    I supported Fletcher when he was a Republican. I am certainly not worried that he might run as an independent.

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